Sorting It Out

I am currently in the process of sorting my life out.

This is a process, I’m not perfect ~ far from it and I know that with some changes I can improve my life, my outlook and my prospects.

I have a collection of invisible chronic illnesses which have changed my life and my ability to do the things I used to love to do. I refuse to give in to them and will not allow myself to withdraw from life and hope.

Yes, I have to adapt, change and rethink in order to accomodate what can or cannot be done. It is a ongoing and evolving process. I like to have answers to my  questions regarding my health and options of what can or cannot be done to improve my circumstances.

Step one was to sort my weight out. Different medications over the years have caused increased appetite and increased weight. This was left unchecked for too long and now I am having to stop and reverse the damage.

I am using hypnosis to help me lose the weight and it is really working. Plus the daily psitive affirmations are helping my mindset, encompassing everything in my life and not just my weight.

Today I saw a new Rheumatologist, my last one has retired. This appointment was to help me clarify which illnesses I actually do have and which I don’t. My GP has written I have Fibromyalgia and my old Rheumatologist said Hypermobility Ehlers~Danlos Syndrome to me but only wrote Hypermobility in my notes. My question is do I have Fibro or HEDS or both. I know for sure I have multiple allergies, TMJ, Diverticulitis, Depression and ME/CFS, they are confirmed several time over but the Fibro and HEDS diagnoses are not so clear.

The reason for the Rheumatologist appointment is for clarity, it is me wanting to find out what is causing the pain in my joints and muscles. Once I know what it is I can look to find ways to address it without harming my health any further.

As far as I am aware all my conditions are not cureable, that the only help is to have differing symptoms looked at and treated as and where possible.

My TMJ is helped by wearing a mouth guard at night to keep my jaw in alignment. On days when it decides to lock I have baby food, eating with a teaspoon and anti~inflammatories until it eases.

My depression is treated with the antidepressant Amitriptyline, I am aware that doctors try to use other antidepressants and like to avoid Amitriptyline as apparently it comes with a high risk of suicidal thoughts. For me though, after trying all the others and discovering they were ineffective at treating my depression they finally agreed to give me Amitriptyline.  I am on it long term because with the anti~depressants the depression wellies back into my life. I have suffered from this since my late teens

The Diverticulitis is treated by me taking daily sachets of Laxido 2~3 times a day, it keeps my stools soft (tmi?) and mobile and prevents them stagnating in the pouches and becoming infected. Thankfully by preventing contipation through taking this medication I have managed to stave off further, very painful, flare ups and not needed anymore antibiotics.

I have multiple allergies, to quote the Rheumatologist reading my hospital records ~ “ah, you are literally allergic to almost everything then!” These allergies are managed by clearing out the house of almost everything, taking daily antihistamines and using topical steroid cream. Last ditch treatment if allergy rashes don’t go is steroids.

My ME/CFS is not treatable as such, there is no cure. What I can do to help myself is to focus on planning, preparing and pacing. If I limit my acitivity in order to not crash and bring on a relpase and plan my days I can try and avoid the boom and bust cycle. I have to admit though that I am pretty rubbish at pacing ~ I still have a lot to learn and must acknowledge that there at times when crutches are necessary in order to do what I want to do. Accepting the use of mobility aids and supports is a tough one for me, I feel like I have failed in managing to keep my body healthy and strong. However, with the use of the hypnotherapy, I am not only losing weight but I am also learning to love and accept myself and my limitations. It isn’t my fault, my life could be so much worse and I am grateful for what I do have. This picture helps explain energy use for us spoonies ~ that we have to plan how we expend our energy in order to keep ourselves balanced to be stable between the perilous boom and bust cycle.
My new Rheumatologist was lovely and exceptionally thorough ~ a full 2 hours for the appointment instead of the 1 hour allocated. I was poked, prodded, examined, asked to perform numerous tasks (of which some I failed spectaularly). The end result, yes I am hypermobile but stiffening up but more importantly I am officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, bursitis of both hips, inflamation and fluid retention of ankles, needing Achilles heel treatments as very tight and sore. I also have weakness in one side and am more painful on the other ~ additional pain on the one side attributed to compensating for the weak side ~ oh and also I have flat feet!

Long story short ~ I am being referred for specialist physiotherapy treatment over the long term:~

  • First working on relieving and treating the bursitis of both hips and Achilles in both feet. Apparently there is some treatment they use with ultrasound which has replaced steroid injections ~ so will update on that once I know exactly what it is and how it works.
  • Then working on the weakness in the one side.
  • Once the weak side is equal to the other side to then work on both sides of my body.
  • Strengthening my core, glutes and something else (I forgot!).
  • Wearing arch supporting trainers ~ I kid you not, she told me to throw my footwear in the bin, buy two pairs of arch supporting trainers which don’t hurt my Achilles (so high tops then) and wear one around the house and the other for going “out” in ~ oh my how sexy will I look? Walking barefoot around the house is apparently a no no, I have to wear my “at home” trainers whilst at home.

On the plus side she was uber impressed by my calf muscles ~ they are sold like steel and she kept prodding and laughing at them saying how cool they are ~ I aim to please. It most likely that my calf muscles have developed due to compensating and taking all my weight somehow by the way I walk (I roll my feet in too).

Anyhow ~ in the near future I shall be meeting and becoming very familiar with a physiotherapist ~ poor soul.

Sometimes its good to know what is wrong, to have your pain validated ~ I am not imagining it. I now have hope for eventually have less pain. I apparently may never be pain free but at least it will be reduced to improve my quality of life. It will take time and I have to take painkillers before each session in order to be able to take the treatment without having to tap out.

So the future is brighter with the knowledge that things can be done. Pain relief can be tweaked, inflammation eased, fluid removed and weakness strengthened.

This deserves some celebration and my lovely Dave has bought some Chablis for me tonight.

My husband was with me throughout the appointment, supporting me, helping me explain due to t he doctor due to my cognitive issues as I get muddled and listening so he can remind me when I left the appointment what was said.

I hope this weekend brings you all something good, something positive. I will be reading up on ways I can try to ease pain prior to treatment starting and celebrating the small things, the good things, the important things.


Meet Manson

I have a new car, I fell in love with it on first sight, which surprised me as it’s not something I had ever seriously considered owning.

i do hope people won’t find Manson offensive, to me it’s repurposing a car that would otherwise be left to rot. He really is beautiful and a gem to drive.

Manson is my new to me American 1993 Cadillac Brougham Hearse. It’s truly beautiful, I love it and am keeping it for the foreseeable future. Its automatic and surprisingly nippy and very comfortable. The front seats three people and I am toying with the idea of sourcing a original Cadillac bench seat to create a folding back seat to enable the whole family to travel in it ~ plenty of boot space!

The last owner must have owned a Halloween decoration shop because the Caddy was filled to the brim with spider, snakes, skulls, bats, you name it ~ it had it! To top it off it also had a terrible homemade coffin covered with glued on flies, maggots and fairy lights!

My first job was to empty out all the tat from the inside of the car, including the awful home made coffin. Next was the time consuming removal of all the tacky and offensive stickers pasted on the outside of all the windows. It took hours but it was worth it.

The next step ~ full valet inside and out. I needed someone who could remove all the transfered fake blood from the fake severed ankles etc onto the surface of the base of the inside of the back. I was also horrified to find that the hideous muslin stuff had been glued onto the fabric of the sides of the back.

Valetting done and the car is looking fantastic ~ all we need now is a real coffin in the back, a black one with chrome fittings and fixtures. That, like the folding back bench seat will be something that will happen one day in the future. We need to search and source just the right bench seat and coffin to ensure that it sits right with the car.

The installation of a coffin won’t be for macabre effect but for customers who want to hire the use of the car for photo or film ventures. We can then either hire it out with or without coffin depending on the needs of the customer.

So here he is now, all cleaned up for his first photo shoot..

To say I’m a happy bunny would be an understatement.



My Dogs Make Me Happy

I love my dogs, they genuinely make me happy.

The power of dog therapy is awesome, no matter how I feel Taylor (Border Terrier) and Loki (Jack Russell Pug Cross) are there by my side.

When sad they lick away the tears, when happy they jump and wag their tails in joy. When unwell they literally guard me, sitting beside or on me to warm me with their warm comforting bodies.

When Skyla (Border Terrier) passed prematurely the two boys mourned her hard. Taylor was devoted to Skyla and they were exceptionally close. Loki had looked upon Skyla as a mother and she groomed him and cared for him as a mother would. Prior to Skyla passing the boys weren’t that close, she was the glue that kept their little pack together. Since her passing the boys started to comfort each other and interact differently than before. They started licking each other and huddling together when resting or sleeping. Now they become anxious if parted and so wherever possible we keep them together ~ if one needs to see the vet they both go.

Since Skyla both boys are now very anxious when I leave them for any length of time, they follow me everywhere when I come home, even to the toilet. If I sit down they sit on top of me to be sure I don’t move.

Seeing them play together makes my heart smile, the close bond they now have is heartwarming.  Watching them chase around the garden together makes me laugh ~ Loki runs rings around Taylor, he drop and rolls then gets up to run the other direction. My lovely Taylor isn’t the brightest dog, whereas Loki (my middle daughter Tasha’s dog) is a bright cookie.

These photos are of them playing yesterday…


Manual Macro Mission

My body has had me on forced bed/sofa rest as I slowly recover from a major crash following my trip to the Zoo at the end of last month. The mini break was wonderful and worth the relapse but being so restricted drives me crazy.

Yesterday, despite being told to rest and behave by hubby, I rebelliously left the sofa to venture forth into the garden with my camera.

My chronic illnesses cause some debilitating and painful symptoms which sap my strength and stamina. In order for me to use my camera I had to use my tripod as holding it was too much for my weak arms. So, one hand on my stick I weaved unsteadily across the lawn, using my free arm to carry my light tripod, my camera hung around my neck ~ in hindsight I should have used my crutches as it would have been easier.

Sitting periodically on the wall along the back border I located myself by the buddleia. I set the camera on the tripod and decided to use flash and practice my photography in manual mode. Trying to capture critters in manual mode is damn hard, I usually use AV or Sport mode when attempting capturing bees and bugs. All I can say is using manual to capture movement such as in flight is nigh on impossible. I fired off bursts of images to trying  to capture the moment, although I had many blurred unusable images I did succeed in capturing a few.

I also love leaves, how they change, the colours, textures and shapes which draws me to them to photograph. I may be weird but my top subject material is critters, leaves & odd weeds, flowers & plants.

My experiment didn’t last long as my body starting having a tantrum on me causing me to shake and feel faint. Bullishly I fought it as long as possible but after half an hour in the garden I was beat. So, camera still on tripod cradled under one arm and stick been heavily lent, I reluctantly hobbled drunkenly back inside.

After a nap I loaded the images on my computer. First job was to delete the majority of images due to poor focusing and blur. What was left was rotated or cropped and saved.

I am reasonably happy with the resulting images because they are quite soft with some great colours, using the flash in daylight had actually helped pick up those colours.

I will continue to push myself and shoot in manual as I think it will challenge me and help me to understand the various settings more clearly. It is so easy to use the preset options and forget everything learnt via my past online study. So along with practicing in manual I will revisit my lessons as and when cognitive function allows.

So, here are my first attempt shooting in raw on manual setting with my macro lens. I hope you like them.


Pondering The Possibilities

“Nothing is impossible if you believe hard enough.” Words I have heard spoken by many people pertaining to various situations.

I suppose I do believe in this statement to a certain degree, although I am sure that you can come up with a list of situations where belief, no matter how strong, won’t help.

I am feeling a desire to do my bit, to take some pressure off my husbands shoulders in providing an income. To also give myself a focus to help mark the time at home as being constructive.

I am pondering on the possibilities open to me ~ which are limited to what I can do. Health issues limit my physical and mental abilities. I need to find something I can do from home, possibly online, to generate some income and which allows for that.

The income doesn’t have to be large, just enough to give me a sense of achievement and of contributing to the household. To make me feel I’m not stagnating within the walls of my home, being more than a stay at home dog mother.

But what?

I suppose it’s food for thought, thoughts to mull over and something may or may not come of it.

In the past I’ve had various jobs, I’m not adverse to trying new things but refuse to work in anything with pyramid schemes or with a hard sell approach. My job history is..

  • Worked for a publishing firm.
  • Been a receptionist working a switchboard and typing letters for the bosses.
  • Been a carer.
  • Been a cleaner.
  • Been a waitress.
  • Been a dishwasher Monday to Friday and then a Dinner Lady on Sunday’s for a prep school.
  • Been a hospital based nurse.
  • Been a deputy matron in a private nursing home.
  • Run my husbands office single handedly during the early years of his pest control business, later as the business grew and children arrived I worked from my satellite office at home with links to the main hub.
  • Owned a Forever Living Business for a few years before closing it down.
  • Finally I owned my online eBay shop whilst also caring from my girls.

Then health issues hit, the eBay shop closed down and my world shrunk. Slowly, very slowly, I am feeling a little stronger, although still very limited.

I want to find something to do from home, generate some income, be very part~time and not be too debilitating for me.

Now tell me I’m dreaming ~ maybe that is so, but perhaps, just perhaps, something may come up.

If wishes could come true then it would be something creative, fun, a hobby becoming a very, very, small business. I would love to do something utilising my hobby of photography, alas I’m a amateur, nowhere near professional, so unsure how that could be used.

So throwing this out to you, do you have any ideas, suggestions which may work for me? If so please drop me a message in the comments.

As for me, now I shall return back to pondering, brain storming and imagining.


The Magical Moment It Clicks For You.

I’m not gonna lie ~ I am a past expert in using crazy diets.

In the past I have tried Cabbage Soup ~ several times.

Lighterlife, three times ~ the first time made my hair fall out and me feel exceptionally ill, I lost 5 stone only for it to go straight back on. Wanting a quick fix I went back for more, the third and final time caused me to have a soy allergy and made me very ill.

Slimming World, numerous times, I didn’t like the weekly visits, all that clapping and judgement wasn’t me. Too much focus on the scales and not so much on why we were overweight.

Cereal diet also known as Special K.

NHS guided weight loss plan.

Atkins Diet.

Grapefruit Diet.

Calorie Counting Diet

Various brands of weight loss pills, including those that make your stools fatty as they allegedly reduce absorption.

Juicing and smoothie diets.

Mediterranean diet.

No Carbs Diet.

Rosemary Conley Diet.

I am sure there have been more but these are just the ones I can think of. Funnily enough I never trialled Weight Watchers.

What do all of the above have in common?

For me they weren’t sustainable. I was a yo~yo, up and down my weight went. It was a dismally unhappy torture of diet after diet. The thrill of weight loss making the rules and regulations I had to adhere to manageable. However not one worked on losing and keeping the weight off. None of them fully addressed why I kept gaining weight. I was fat shamed and felt unlovable. I always felt cravings on all the above diets, I felt a failure each and every time the weight piled on. I was indoctrinated by these diets that fat was unloveable and thin was beautiful.

I stopped trying to lose weight. I gave up on myself and comfort ate to soothe the pain of my shame. I passed mirrors by and refused to let my husband see me naked. I felt unloveable.

I believe strongly that fate puts choices in our path when it feels we are at that crossroads when we can take that all important first step towards life changing decisions.

Recently this happened to me.

All of a sudden I started noticing a specific advert about hypnosis and weight loss. Initially I ignored it as another fad.

The thing is, this advert kept springing up and eventually I gave in after remembering how my dad gave up a lifetime habit of smoking through hypnotherapy. I was curious and so clicked on the link and read more. Hypnassist had my full attention, I messaged them for further details and a quote. After all, we’re not made of money and having shelled out in the past I needed to know if this was worth pursuing. I then passed on this information to my husband who read it and we discussed whether to go for it or not.

My gut feeling was “do it”. I have no idea why but I strongly felt that I needed to try this, this is despite never having been hypnotised before and having been told in the past by various folk that I was not a good candidate for hypnosis, that I was too stubborn and closed minded.

So, with my husband driving, we set off to Mansfield to my appointment. I was apprehensive but not once did I question if it was the right decision because I just knew it was.

There are two hypnotherapist at Hypnassist, Andy and Kathy, my appointment was with Kathy.

Now Kathy may be a hypnotherapist but she is also far more than that. As well as being a partner with Andy she is also a qualified CBT and DBT counsellor plus a Nutritional therapist. Having worked and lectured in mental health Kathy offers a wealth of psychological and nutritional knowledge which she utilises along with the hypnotherapy.

I can honestly say, when I entered the therapy room with Kathy I instantly knew I was in safe hands.

Much of the session was talking and discussing nutrition, beliefs and patterns. Mostly talking about conscious and subconscious minds and how they work for and against us. The last part of the session is hypnotherapy.

As part of my hypnotherapy I had a virtual gastric band fitted. The power of the mind is awesome and when I awoke I genuinely felt I had undergone the surgery.

Hypnassist isn’t a case of take your money and be done with you. They send supportive helpful emails and add you to a closed supportive Facebook group where you can chat to them and others who have had the same treatment.

Andy has been my online contact and sends the supportive regular emails. He responds very quickly to all my messages too.

Both Andy and Kathy post and interact with us in the closed Facebook group, this is awesome and helps clear up any queries or questions we may have whilst also boosting and assisting our positive mindsets.

On top of that are podcasts to support you plus the encouragement to practice regular daily positive affirmations. I have a small purple compact mirror which I keep with me at all times and wherever I am, and whenever I can, I whip it out and look myself sternly in the eye and tell my subconsious mind my beliefs. These are my affirmations..

I also listen to Kathy’s Guided Imagery for Weight Loss every night in bed before I go to sleep, which helps me to retrain and focus my subconscious.

For me finding Kathy and Andy has been a revelation. They came into my life at a time I needed them the most. They have helped me love myself once more and have hope for the future. Most of all they have instilled a deep sense of calm within myself. I was hugely manic before, being calm like this is noticeable for my family and a welcome relief for me.

I am most definitely NOT dieting, I eat as and when I am hungry, I drink lots of water which I infuse with sliced citrus fruits. I listen to the needs of my body. Aside from carbonated drinks and all refined sugars or artificial sweeteners, nothing is banned. I now eat cleanly, I eat foods I know the content of and most of all I’m not hungry.

I don’t feel deprived or resentful as I did with the above fad diets. Instead I am being treated holistically, it’s a mind body balance, doing as nature intends and not as commercial food or diet industries dictate.

I am losing weight, I feel healthier, I am now looking in the mirror and loving the woman who looks back at me, most of all I am confident in the knowledge that I am making good choices.

It really is that life changing ~ the weight loss for me is the smallest part of this journey. The rediscovery of who I am, what I am and where I am going is the greatest part of this for me.

I feel so calm and so sure in myself, for me hypnotherapy has been a huge landmark in my life, a turning point, a realisation, a better understanding of myself.

So this blog I dedicate to Andy and Kathy ~ and of course myself. It’s teamwork, I am making significant changes in my life buoyed up by the support and knowledge base provided by Kathy and Andy.

Quite simply, a heartfelt thank you.

Sometimes it really is finding the pathway, whatever it may be, when you have that magical moment when it all clicks for you.


Mini Break

My husband’s business deals in buying and selling American car parts, plus also importing parts and other stuff on behalf of customers either by container via boat or air freight. One of his pals also imports odds and sods from America and so they share the containers and Dave gets some of his parts delivered to his pals unit for convenience.

It so happens that this pal of Dave’s lives in Essex and some air freight had arrived for him to collect. Instead of driving there and back in a day he decided to take me away for a mini-break and booked a wee Holiday Inn for us in Braintree.

Our mode of transport was a big silver, well parts of it are still silver, other parts are more rust coloured, van. The radio was a bit hit and miss, it only played one channel which changed as we drove, depending on strength of signal we had classic fm, local radio stations and hit and miss radio 2.  It didn’t have air con and so we had our windows fully down for the duration of the journey, the breeze when driving was lovely but when still it was a tad on the hot ticket.

I love our British countryside and can’t imagine ever living anywhere else but England. I decided to occupy myself along the journey by taking random photos of the scenery out of the window as we drove.

Eventually we reached Daves pals unit, I hopped out for a little stretch of the legs whilst Dave loaded up the van. Daves mate then gave us the keys of his jag and lent us the use of his car for the duration of our stay, saying it would be more comfortable for us than the van. He wasn’t wrong ~ it had air con, need I say more?

The area around the unit was lined with trees and led onto a public pathway. Everywhere I looked I could see spider webs on top of hedges, along the bushes and near the ground. Funnily enough even though there were numerous webs I didn’t see a single spider. Here are the mysterious spiderless cobwebs…

I also spied a few ladybirds and other critters on my short meander along the hedgerow ~ to be honest I walked a little distance and then sat down in the shade to rest. These are the critters spied along the hedgerow..

The Holiday Inn was comfy and clean, so when we arrived we crashed out and had a nap. Opposite the hotel was a Toby Carvery and so later we popped across and had a delicious roast dinner!

Dave’s mate and his wife met us the following day for dinner, they took us to a fantastic Thai restaurant called Siam Thai, it only has 5 tables which can be pulled apart to make smaller tables ~ so booking is vital if you plan on going. The owner is amazing, we couldn’t decide on what to order, it all looks delicious, so she created a tasting sharing menu for four just for us.  All I can say is that nothing could be faulted, the flavours and textures were fantastic, the attention to customer service was excellent and at all times the restaurant was full, as tables emptied they filled almost immediately. It is tiny but don’t let that put you off because the food is incredible. The photos below are from their website and show how cute it is ~ if you are in the area then you can go to their website to view the menu and book online;

The next day we went to Colchester Zoo ~ I was like a giddy kid! It was baking hot,  it felt airless and the Zoo wasn’t too busy. We had the map to plan our route and spent the full day there. My purple stick was utilised heavily and I regretted not bringing my crutches as walking would have been much easier with them. Thankfully the Zoo has a number of watering holes dotted around and I think by the end of the day we had consumed six one litre bottles of water each. We enjoyed the shaded seating areas thoughtfully spaced around the site too ~ which meant I could walk a little sit and watch the animals and rest before walking a little more. We loved watching the Hyenas being fed and Dave was lucky enough to pull two birds while we were there too.

After the zoo we were knackered and so had a quiet last night. The next morning we returned to the unit to drop off the Jag and pick up our van and journey home.

I thoroughly enjoyed our wee mini break in Essex, a beautiful neck of the woods with cute thatched cottages and stunning scenery. The locals were all friendly and helpful which made our stay thoroughly enjoyable.

Since returning home I crashed out with huge post exertional malaise hitting hard but it was most definitely worth it. I will most definitely be returning one day to explore more of the area, next time though I will make sure I pack the crutches.






The Mysterious Case of the Unplanned Purchases

Yesterday my husband took pity on me and invited me along for the car journey to drop youngest child off at the train station followed by a trip over Stoke way to look at some cars.

He knows that I love the opportunity to take photos and that my garden has been well utilised despite the limited canvas ~ so knew I would enjoy myself looking at old American cars being broken for spares.

As you can see my garden is crying out for rain, rather brown and dry..

Whilst in the car Dave told me he quite fancied looking at a El Camino that was at the lot and he felt I may have fun poking around a hearse that was there too.

We dropped off youngest offspring and headed towards the compound where the cars were, both for sale and those being broken for spares. In my head I imagined a large sprawling site and was pleasantly surprised by how small, tidy and compact it was. Having a degree of pain, stiffness and difficulty mobilising Dave left me in our car whilst he popped across to see the compounds owner. He returned shortly after with a big grin and two sets of keys, one for the hearse and one for the El Camino.

We walked slowly ~ for that is my only speed ~ towards the cars. It was then something very peculiar happened. When I spied the hearse I fell deeply in love with it ~ no ifs buts or maybes it was total and pure.

What was strange is that whilst I have previously admired old hearses I have never felt such passion for owning one as I did at the moment I stood beside the one in this lot. I know some people may feel that owning a hearse outside of the business may be considered disrespectful in some way ~ Dave was concerned about this view. I however had no qualms ~ a classic American hearse is a beautiful car and rather than see it decay and fall into disrepair isn’t it far better to give the beast a new purpose in life?

To be fair its beauty was marred by the tat the previous owner had left in it. I think they had visited, then ransacked a Halloween prop shop and just gone mental filling every nook and cranny with fake bloody arms, feet and skulls and more. They had even gone so far as to make a fake coffin covered in fake chains and yet more tat.

Dave, being awesome, has purchased this car for me, a complete surprise as I had no designs on obtaining a car at all. He is collecting it for me next week when it will be on our drive where I can empty it of all the garish Halloween tat and work on how I will pimp it out to repurpose it for my use.

So as you look at this beautiful beast imagine all the tat removed. Imagine the hearse being repainted the deepest blackest purple, the black roof remaining intact and all the fabulous shiny reflective pieces remaining too, as the gleaming reflective trim is awesome. I have yet to decide on how to repurpose the back space but will make sure it is tasteful and useful.

After looking at my new car I then meandered around the lot which although compact had plenty to look at. There were a few other cars there, presumably for sale, amongst the broken and decaying shells of ones less fortunate.

The old and broken still retained some beauty all be it in a neglected rusty way..

When I had finished my meandering I looked for Dave and found him by the El Camino. He had a ridiculous grin on his face as he played around with the engine.

I have no idea what got into the pair of us yesterday, we left home with the innocent intention of “looking” around some cars and for me to have the opportunity to take some photographs.

It is really quite a mystery to us why we did what we did, yet I can defend our choices by saying that it’s not everyday you come across vehicles like these. When you do you have to make a decision, either admire and walk away or ponder then purchase said vehicles.

By the time we left the we had purchased two vehicles.

The 1993 Cadillac Brougham Hearse for me..
Plus the 1979 Chevrolet El Camino Pickup for Dave..