Birds, Dogs, Squirrels

Slowly but surely our garden is being transformed. The meadow area is growing ~ I'm not sure if the flowers will come up as we were late sowing the seeds. Already we are seeing a increase in our insect population, bees are buzzy humming around and butterflies are starting to show themselves. We are planning … Continue reading Birds, Dogs, Squirrels

The Promise Of Tomorrow

Tomorrow is another day, who knows what it will bring but there is always some kind of magical promise of the unknown. I found this lovely poem on a website called which I thought I'd share with you .. It's by a guy called Hebert Logerie and goes like this; Tomorrow is another day … Continue reading The Promise Of Tomorrow

What you don’t see, when you see ME

Blog post dictated due to low energy, then manually checked ~ thank goodness for technology... Today I woke up and my body felt like lead, my eyes are gritty, my head hurts and every muscle and joint in my body is screaming bloody hell at me. So I cried. I pushed myself up and went … Continue reading What you don’t see, when you see ME