Macro ~ my new “thing”

I love macro, not two ways about it ~ whether taking pictures of bugs, flowers or random objects. I find looking at things close up interesting, sometimes trying to get an angle so that it leaves the viewer wondering what they are looking at exactly. I am still very much a novice with my new … Continue reading Macro ~ my new “thing”

Social Media ~ Love or Hate?

Social media is both a blessing and a curse for many of us. For me personally it is both. It is defined in as "Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration." It then goes on to define different areas of social media.. "Websites and … Continue reading Social Media ~ Love or Hate?

It’s All Up In The Air

Today I am questioning all previous medical diagnosis'. I may/may not have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Fibromyalgia. Instead I may/may not have Lupus ~ or something else as yet unidentified. This leaves me feeling up in the air, no idea how I feel about my health ~ other than something is very definitely NOT right. I … Continue reading It’s All Up In The Air

I think I’m going slightly mad!

"I'm Going Slightly Mad" by Queen When the outside temperature rises And the meaning is oh so clear One thousand and one yellow daffodils Begin to dance in front of you - oh dear Are they trying to tell you something? You're missing that one final screw You're simply not in the pink my dear … Continue reading I think I’m going slightly mad!

In the middle of the night

I have started and ended my blog with songs which have lyrics I can relate to ~ I am sure many of you with chronic illness may find something within them that calls to you too. Just Hold On Louis Tomlinson, Steve Aoki Wish that you could build a time machine So you could … Continue reading In the middle of the night

The Curious Case of Mast Cell Activation.

So, what is a mast cell? "A mast cell (also known as a mastocyte or a labrocyte) is a type of white blood cell. Specifically, it is a type of granulocyte derived from the myeloid stem cell that is a part of the immune and neuroimmune systems and contains many granules rich in histamine and … Continue reading The Curious Case of Mast Cell Activation.

Deranged Early Morning Photography Exploration!

This morning bleary eyed I stumbled down the stairs after the dogs, it was my turn to let them outside and feed them their breakfast. It took a little while for me to even notice the snow, I had already opened the patio door and filled the dogs bowls up with their food before I … Continue reading Deranged Early Morning Photography Exploration!