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14 down, 16 to go!

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I have started dreaming about meat and in particular of a red juicy rare steak doing the can can towards me and home-made burgers in baps dancing in the background and wake up with my mouth watering! I will NOT give in or succumb, instead count down the days until meat is once again on the menu, I’ve made it to almost half way, the end is ever closer.

So what’s been on the menu this week? Lucky for me we were taken out to dinner on Day 9 by The Dave’s American pals it was lovely to eat, chat and catch up. However because of the exertion ME has been kicking my butt so I’m afraid quite boring as mostly convenience foods this week.

Day 8 ~ Sweet Potato Kiev; looks bland but didn’t taste that bad

Day 9 ~ Garlic Mushroom starter followed by Brie, red onion & Pepper tart with salad and herb potatoes every bite was delicious!
Day 10~ Wholewheat pasta, Linda M’s meatless balls in tomato & basil sauce with cheeky topping of lactofree cheese on top ~ was rather disappointing meatballs were pretty tasteless and a little cardboard like in texture.
Day 11 ~ Wine and Stuffed Crust Veggie Supreme Pizza (It was one of THOSE days!)
Day 12 ~  Lack of appetite and ability to cook so Butternut squash Soup
Day 13 ~ Still feeling poop so Mozzarella and tomatoes 
Day 14 ~ still on the soup this time Exorcist Green Pea & Asparagus
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Hoping my appetite comes back soon and ME crash starts to recede, even though feeling poop the dreams of red meat dancing in front of me taunting me continue which makes me even more determined to see this through. My vegan daughter truly doesn’t understand how hard this is for me because she doesn’t like meat so doesn’t miss it, but is very encouraging and that’s a real help for me.
 So, two weeks down and two weeks two days more to go (not that I’m counting down at all, sheesh!) until I can taste that steak!

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