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15 Reasons to be Grateful

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My last blog was a little on the dark side due to my current low mood and sleep deprivation ~ I don’t like lingering on the dark and serious. SO, I have decided to give myself a shake and remember those things that I am grateful for in my life, to remember that I know who I really am and must keep that in mind when the demons visit.
So, what are my reasons to be grateful? In no particular order…
  1. I have a great, all be it slightly off centre, family.  

    They ensure life is never boring as we lurch from one challenge to the next but at the end of the day we are all there for each other which is something I will be eternally grateful for. 

  2. I still have my own teeth. 

    This is very important to me and I am fortunate that they seem to be pretty strong and sturdy although not particularly white or sparkling (but then I wouldn’t want to make people turn away from their glare, so that’s fine) they may be a little on the sensitive side with the hot or cold but all in all they do a damn fine job.

  3. I have good skin.

    We have a theory that due to having some timber on my frame the few *cough* extra pounds help push out the crinkles leaving it pretty smooth which is great.

  4. If I fall down I can bounce back up, I am learning, finally, to love the person I am physically and moving away from constantly criticizing and pulling myself apart.

    Whilst not advocating being overweight, until I reach the point in my life when the weight decides to come off I am focusing on loving the person I am and finding the positives in that, plus there has to be something said for inbuilt air bags.

  5. I have my complete Terry Pratchett book collection (I have acquired more books since this photograph was taken)

    Also ensure I pre-order anything new which is due to come out. I treasure these books which I read and re-read over and over again, this writer always makes me laugh out loud when reading his fiction and makes me think when I read his more serious works. I am gutted to hear about his Alzheimers but so very grateful for the work he has and is continuing to do while he can.

  6. I have use of all of my senses. 

    Although as I grow older some are becoming weaker than once they were they are all still intact and enabling me to enjoy life to the fullest. Sometimes however, with flatulent dogs it would be great to have a dimmer switch on the sense of smell!

  7. We have enough money to live and keep the roof over our heads.

    We may not have exotic holidays, our sofa is popping at the seams and held together in some areas by brown parcel tape (as it blends better with the brown sofa), we have damp peeling ceilings where the shower keeps leaking through and the carpet is more of a stain montage than original carpet colour – but  it’s ours and it’s home.

  8. Cake. 

    Life is always good when there is cake!

  9. Being able to go to our caravan in Filey and sitting on the beach, watching the waves no matter what the season 

    Just one of my all-time favourite things.

  10. Good friends. 

    I have met some fabulous people throughout my life and whether physically in my life or via the virtual world I have made some strong connections with some truly inspirational and wonderful people, your friendship is deeply treasured ~ thank you for being in my life.

  11. Coffee 

    Without you I would not be able to move in a morning, you kick me up the butt and help start my spluttering engine.

  12. The internet  

    Where would I be without it, it links me to my work, my friends, my family, information, music. It provides me girls with a lifeline when they are too sick to get out of bed, it enables my daughter to attend virtual school. It is a family life-line in so many ways.

  13. My husband 

    I have known him now for 41 of my 45 years on this planet, he knows everything there is to know about me and yet still stays with me, you got to admire him for that and I am always going to be grateful to him for the friendship, love, support and partnership he provides.

  14. Life 

    I am still here; I get to fight another day, to whinge, whine or get off my butt and do something that matters. I am grateful for the fact that my body has carried me this far, it is stronger that I give it credit for and its appearance is a testimony to the journey we have undergone together. I am determined to make it count, to use it to do something worthwhile. 

  15.  My 4 year old i-phone 4

    I never thought I would be saying this, but I feel seriously naked without it ~ before owning it I thought mobiles were just for making phone calls, it has now become my much relied upon pocket organiser.

I think this is a great exercise, whenever you feel life isn’t doing you any favours to look hard and see how much you truly have to be grateful for. 
I tag the following 5 bloggers to share with us what they are grateful for too, please share your link to this blog via the comments box when it is published so I can see it too and then tag 5 more bloggers to carry this on :~
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and last but not least, family friend Alex

I’d also like to tag Tasha, however I know how poorly you are right now so no pressure! 🙂
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