Some surprises I love

Yesterday I blogged that I had a sense of anticipation and had no idea why and said “perhaps something wonderful is just around the corner waiting for me ~ who knows but here’s hoping.”
Well, something did happen ~ later that afternoon my old school pal and partner in crime was in the local area and surprised me with a phone call to say she would be round in 5 minutes.  It was a completely unexpected surprise as she lives 2 hours drive away and we rarely get the opportunity to organise getting together ~ the last time we managed to catch up was last summer.
So there you go, sometimes, when you least expect it, good things can happen. Needless to say we were too busy gas-bagging to take a quick photo to mark the occasion so these will have to suffice.
Wine fuelled poetry writing in our late teens.

in our twenties now

Last summer with our Goddaughters

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