It’s not about you, or me…

Love this blog as myself & members of my family suffer from depression – thank you x

Smelly Melly

Loving someone with depression is hard. It can be painful and it can be intense.

At this point I need to put on the table that I have not suffered with any form of mental illness, so far in my life. This does not make me better or “stronger” than those who have, but is a privilege granted to me by fortune alone. It does make understanding what those people are going through a little bit harder. As a person who has not been through childbirth cannot fully understand what childbirth is like, a person who has not suffered from any mental illness cannot fully understand what mental illness is like. It is possible to empathise though. I’ve never broken a bone, but I can support someone who has.

I have been sad, very sad, on occasion. But it was always for an identifiable reason and I was lucky enough to…

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