I though having long hair would be easier to manage and take less maintenance than short. I was wrong, it was hot, tangly and a constant mess which when having my “hot moments” (which occur 3/4 times a day) made my head feel suffocatingly heavy, sweaty & claustrophobic.  The Dave was dubious about the length & general consensus was short hair looks best. My problem was that these days my M.E. is whipping my ass somewhat making everything I have to do a major effort  ~ this meant visiting Dawn my lovely hairdresser is just too much & would bring forth a massive crash if I did.

Then my creative 2nd born Tasha offered to step up to the plate & chop it off for me. Tasha has no training but a natural gift which had M.E. not been an issue would have meant moving forward to train as apprentice hairdresser in a salon locally. I worried about it being too much for her as she is currently suffering not only from M.E. But also exacerbation of her asthma, viral throat infection and nasty chest infection ~ her morning tablet intake alone is ridiculous!

Tasha’s morning tablets

Once Tasha had reassured me that she felt strong enough to cut & colour it then she began…

clipped & sectioned ready to start
bit by bit its coming off
back view (it is even at the base just looks odd due to colour stain)
Tash’s hair creation

I absolutely LOVE it! This morning I showered and it took no time at all plus no need to dry or style it either ~ just wash & go!

Thank you Tasha, love you & your creation 😍✂️💜

before & after


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