A Trip Out

Today Dave took me for a drive out in Manson ~ we decided to swing by Annie’s Burger Shack to claim a free burger. They are in the process of making over the premises and as a publicity stunt prior to opening they were giving away free burgers.
We turned up to find out that it was a dead~end road and the queue was rather long. We got out and noted a fair few surprised faces at our mode of transport. After several minutes standing in a slow~moving queue in arctic winds we decided that getting frostbite wasn’t worth a burger. Now a three~point turn in a bloomin’ long Yank hearse ain’t brilliant but Manson has a great turning circle and we did it, all be it mounting the curb a bit.

We went home via Dave’s unit where he fixed Manson’s horn while I played around with my sphere and camera.

My fingers have only just got the circulation back into them, body cosy warm under a slanket with the fire on.

Tomorrow, all being well, we will take Manson out for another spin to a car meet ~ prize up for grabs for scariest car deck out, so think we’re in for a shout! Promise to have photos and mini blog to share the cars, owners and winners.

For now, here are some of the todays photo efforts..


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