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21 down ~ only 9 left to go

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I can’t believe I am now on the home stretch *whoop whoop* ~ only 9 meagre days left, which will be a doddle and so my last blog about this challenge will be in 10 days time on 1st October when I will be celebrating completing my vegetarian month with a HUGE juicy steak with all the trimmings and a nice LARGE glass of wine or two.

So, what have I been eating this week?..

Day 15 ~ Jacket potatoes, coleslaw and salad

Day 16 ~ Broccoli & Tomato quiche with salad
Day 17 ~ Falafel & houmous salad bagels (made by Keisha) Delicious!!!
Day 18 ~ Linda McCartney Country Pie & Veg
Day 19 ~ Veggie Burger and home made baked healthy chips with spices
Day 20 ~ Sweet Potato & Bean Burger
Day 21 ~ Oriental Vegetable & Noodle Stir Fry in Black Bean Sauce

Unfortunately I’ve not been feeling too good this week and had to deal with the issues the dastardly M.E. saw fit to throw at me. I cannot express strongly enough how much your donations, no matter how big or small, mean to not only myself but also fellow sufferers. Invest in ME Research is our hope for better health in the future, it’s funds raised by sufferers, their friends and family and their supporters who are raising the funds for this vital research as sadly it is lacking via any other source.

As always here is the text code if you wish to donate or you can go via the justgiving page
Thank you all for your support thus far and join me to celebrate on 1st October!

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