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25 years ~ The Old Silver Wedding

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My homemade Silver Wedding Anniversary cake ~ a boozy brandy fed fruit cake which I covered with almond paste and purple fondant icing. I bought the icing toppers and sprayed the cake with edible silver glitter and finished off with ribbon round the side. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Who would have guessed it?

All those years ago at the tender age of 4 years old I met Dave. He was in my sisters class, in the year above me ~ during those primary school years he had his eyes on my sister and not me.

Secondary school meant we parted ways ~ I followed my sister on to boarding school in Abingdon near Oxford. Dave progressed to the local secondary school.

In the ensuing years we interacted, especially in our teens. Then I .. erm .. got expelled from the boarding school (after 5 long years trying to escape ~ suffice it to say I wasn’t suited to boarding environment). Gleefully I was reunited with my primary school friends and closer to Dave who started to catch my eye in a more lustful rather than friend way ~ he was rather tasty!

He eventually asked me out, I accepted and we had a fortnight of shenanigans. Then ~ I hold up my hands and say ~ yes, I made a mistake ~ I “dumped” him and got back with my ex.

The friendship surprisingly wasn’t affected and we continued to socialise in the same circles. When he moved to Nottingham to study for his degree I would visit him and we often spoke on the phone late into the night.

However, once bitten twice shy, I heard he was wary of moving things to a romantic level. So I had to work bloomin’ hard for 6 months to woo him back, he didn’t make it easy I can tell you!

The first few dates were disastrous and we considered giving up on the romantic relationship.

Then suddenly, inexplicably, something changed very subtly and we clicked. It all moved pretty fast after that and only three short months later, at the ages of 21 and 22 we moved in together. Our first home together was a 3 room bedsit in West Bridgford in Nottingham.

Dave worked in Pest Control, I was a nursing assistant.

We moved to Derby in 1992 when I enrolled at Derby School of Nursing, it made sense to move as Dave could claim travel expenses and I couldn’t.

It was halfway through my nurse training that we married ~ 5th June 1993 in Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire ~ the village where we both grew up.

So here we are, 3 daughters, 11 house moves, many fights with health issues, loss of treasured members of family and friends plus much more than I can share here.

We can’t really believe it’s been 25 years ~ it’s flown by. Our daughters are adults and we are looking towards our retirement.

Tasha gave me a much wanted tattoo which I adore. Dave is Cancer, I’m Taurus ~ we were married 5th June 1993 and  have had many ups and downs. So, Tasha came up with this cute design translating the above into a tattoo.  She used purple ink and undulated the roman numerals to depict our ups and downs, with the finishing touch of our star signs of cancer and taurus at either end.

My special tattoo in all its scabby healing glory

I don’t know if you believe in soul mates or not, I didn’t use to but now, looking back at my life, I do believe after all.

I feel exceptionally lucky to have found “The One” Dave is my “Neo”.

So, here’s a video, more a slideshow, of our life together..

To be continued…


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