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31 Days ~ Photo Challenge

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I love finding challenges to do but usually find myself taking longer than the time limit given, so to take the pressure off I collected these images over a few weeks and decided to collate them in the one blog and not the one a day over 31 days as intended by the challenge creator.

I hope you enjoy..

  1. Self~Portrait ~ Reflection of me behind the lens in the dining room mirror
    arty self portrait
  2. Breakfast ~ Weetabix with Splenda spoonful and large mug of coffee
  3. Adore ~ Taylor (Border Terrier) & Loki (Jack Russell Pug Cross)
  4. Letterbox ~ Our tatty old thing
  5. Wore ~ My old Nurses badge, watch and belt ~  with antique buckle that mum surprised me with when I qualified
  6. Smile ~ The smile of a special woman, one I miss each and every day ~ my mum x
  7. Chocolate ~ My favourite a dark chocolate bounty
  8. Sky ~ Reflected in my sphere
  9. Routine ~ Medication to keep me going
  10. Childhood ~ With my big sister, happy times
  11. Sleep ~ Our two hairy boys, Taylor and Loki, spend an awful lot of time sleeping on my legs and using one of my calves as a pillow! IMG_E4337
  12. Close~up ~ Some ice shards in the conservatory guttering which I thought were pretty.
  13. Bag ~ Loki wearing his very own backpack which we have to hide between him wearing it otherwise Taylor will rip it to shreds.bag
  14. Reading ~ My idiots guide to photography, still very green and it’s an ongoing process.reading
  15. Happiness ~ Watching my eldest go up and receive her Deans Award at University was one very special, proud and happy moment.happiness
  16. Morning ~ I don’t function in the mornings, it is spent napping and consuming vast quantities of coffee to kick start me into any kind of consciousness. Taylor is a coffee addict and always obliges in doing his bit by drinking the dregs.morning
  17. Water ~ Melting snow dripping off the guttering from the conservatory, these are some of the drops.
  18. Purchased ~ In my bid to reduce plastic consumption I have purchased metal straws because although adults we like to use straws for cold drinks, it avoids the painful clink of ice against teeth for we are sensitive souls.purchased
  19. Sweet ~ Old fashioned rosy apples my favourite boiled sweet
  20. Love ~ My husband of 25 years
    20 (2)
  21. Reflection ~ The reflection of the patio in the barbeque knob.reflection
  22. Shoes ~ Steel toe CAT boots belonging to my other half that have been worn and worn yet still going strong and have protected his tender toes on numerous occasions.
  23. Old ~ My antique typewriter handed down to me and still works today, although could do with the ribbon being re~inked
  24. Pleasure ~ Being in my happy place on Filey beach with my camera. Nothing gives me more pleasure than listening to the sound of the waves and ‘gulls, walking along and paddling in the waters edge. Watching children play, dogs charge about and horses jog along the edge of the waves, with smells of portable barbeques grilling and the fresh sea air. My camera around my neck to take any impromptu snaps is my idea of a perfect day.22519065_10155793635144555_7209239323757775355_n
  25. Made ~ Mum and Dads Ruby Wedding Cake, I made a rich moist brandy laden fruit cake 6 months prior to the celebration and “fed” it weekly with brandy. On the week running up to the Ruby Wedding I covered it with almond paste then fondant icing with edible roses and I paid for the photo to be printed on find fondant icing which I added to the top. Table was then sprinkled with red rose petals to finish.
  26. Colour ~ Canoes by the lake
  27. Lunch ~ Smoothie, usually with a couple of scoops of Huel added at the end.
  28. Light ~ The backlight lighting up the x~ray of my husbands knackered elbow, pinned and screwed together again.
  29. Fridge ~ A few bottles of bud in the beverages fridge at the workplace of my other half aka man cave!fridge
  30. Nature~ The lavender at Filey plays host to many flying critters and this photo was taken towards the end of last year ~ early October I think.IMG_8506
  31. Self~Portrait (Again) ~ This is me on my way to bed, caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror (which was directly in front of me on the top landing) and realised I was wearing a hat I had plonked on my head at the beginning of the evening to remind myself to hang it up and NOT misplace it as I usually do ~ it’s still sitting on my bedside table as haven’t got round to taking it downstairs to hang up with my coat.28660881_10156168900014555_644395788700886062_n


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