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50 Facts About Me Challenge

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Okay, so my firstborn child, Keisha, has tagged me to share 50 facts about me, to be fair I wasn’t going to accept the challenge but then she persuaded me to. You can read Keisha’s blog post containing her 50 facts here.
So, since the challenge has been accepted and after much wracking of my brain, scratching of head and dishevelment of hair I give you my 50 facts *insert drum roll here*
  1. I am a Taurus and yes, I can be very stubborn!
  2. I’m a worry wart, I worry all of the time, about everything and anything ~ I can’t seem to turn down the worry button in my brain.
  3. I am one sixteenth Burmese although you wouldn’t know to look at me which is a shame.
  4. I was logged in my medical records as being 5ft 10″ tall, yet in latter years have been told I am only 5ft 8″ tall (where did those two inches go?)
  5. I spent 3 years trying to learn the violin and after much gnashing of my tutors teeth I only managed to very badly screech out a version of “Scarborough Fair” by the end of my time with her.
  6. I used to play piano but stopped taking lessons after gaining my grade 4.
  7. I had ballet lessons until my mid-teens which I loved but stopped after my teacher told me I was too tall and my knees overlapped – rude!
  8. I am tone deaf although would dearly love to be able to sing I truly can’t hit a single note.
  9. My hair once snapped off due to over bleaching it and I had to have it cut so short that my nursing paper hat was held on my head via friction as there wasn’t enough hair to even put a grip in it. I also had a large number of perms during the 80’s and back-combed it for added volume then hair sprayed it within an inch of it’s life so that there was literally no movement in it.
  10. I attended a week long residential cookery course in France, I have the certificate to prove I was there and completed it yet strangely have absolutely no memory of it whatsoever.
  11. Since I have been with Dave we have moved house a total of 8 times, the home we are in at the moment is the one we have lived in the longest.
  12. I had a severe case of mumps during the long summer holiday before I started secondary school and spent the entire time in bed, miserable, with my entire face and neck swollen – I looked like Moonface from the Faraway Tree! My mum used to mash up melon for me to drink/eat in a slushy format as my mouth could barely open – I have a huge fondness for the sweetness and juiciness of melons ever since.
  13. I love eating salt ‘n’ vinegar crisps together with milk chocolate – I think it’s a combo that really works. Talking of food; my favourite sandwich is exceptionally unhealthy –  get two slices of granary bread, spread thickly with mayo, cover liberally with slabs of garlic sausage and then thick slices of pickled onions, then smash on top salt and vinegar crisps. Squash the slices of bread together (as all best sandwiches HAVE to be squashed together) cut into squares and eat.
  14. Even though I am well into my adult years I still cut my sandwiches into quarters. I also can’t bite into apples for fear of biting into a maggot so will only eat apples if can cut and slice them first
  15. I have broken both my little toes on numerous occasions, so much so that they are both rather gnarled and bent but have never broken any other bones in my body.
  16. I went to boarding school in Abingdon for 5 years from Y1 to Y5 – but got “asked to leave and never come back” so went to the local 6th form in Horncastle, Lincolnshire.
  17. I have an older sister and younger brother.
  18. I have known my husband for 42 of my 46 years on this planet.
  19. I am a HUGE Terry Pratchett fan and am in the process of buying and collecting everything he has ever written.
  20. I don’t like Marmite or Peanut Butter – yuck!!
  21. I have been many sizes in my life but am finding with age comes acceptance and slowly but surely am beginning to accept myself “just as I am” (although I do still have the odd BIG wobble every now and then).
  22. I am stupidly excited with the emergence of each and every new silver grey/white hair and have stopped dying my hair so that I can keep track of the birth of each new one.
  23. I have had 5 miscarriages, all boys, at 12 weeks gestation.
  24. I have 3 daughters very close together – 15 months between my first and second born and 18 months between my second and third born. I am so happy they were born so close together as they are great friends and extremely close.
  25. I have an addiction to “lounge wear” which drives my husband nuts.
  26. I also adore man jumpers and always seek out new bargains – again driving said husband nuts.
  27. I feel odd and uncomfortable in dresses, I also dislike formal well attended occasions preferring more casual intimate gatherings with just a few people.
  28. I am less likely to suffer fools with each advancing year.
  29. I am a qualified RGN, Typist and Masseuse ~ although only practice massage on my hubby and girls.
  30. Once upon a time before age sought to stiffen my joints I could put my legs behind my head.
  31. I am the only person in my family who can’t curl my tongue.
  32. My tongue is also incidentally exceptionally short and makes people laugh when I try to stick it out as far as I can, truly it is a sad and pathetic sight!
  33. I use ! far too often.
  34. I get verbal diarrhoea when nervous and end up revealing information which should never be shared.
  35. I blush scarlet whenever I pass a policeman looking horribly guilty, I have no idea why.
  36. I can’t stand up and speak out in public through crippling shyness, I become a gibbering wreck, and my voice literally disappears.
  37. Everyone I know who has seen my feet think they are strange and that my toes look like jelly babies (again ~ rude!).
  38. I am butt clenchingly, palm sweatingly, nausea inducingly TERRIFIED of those 8-legged critters otherwise known as spiders *shudders violently*
  39. I love Tom Jones and Barry Manilow and have been to see them live with my poor hubby (he must really love me) ~ they are exceptional live.
  40. I love nothing more than to sing My Chemical Romance songs at the top of my voice and am a HUGE fan of Muse.
  41. I love a song called “Cock Robin” the version I have the girls says is just plain weird and spooky and they seriously dislike it (that is being polite) but Dave loves it and we enjoy singing it together.
  42. During my first holiday with Dave we went to a place called “Clun” and we got rather merry one night and drove the locals insane by repeatedly playing “Stand By Your Man” on the jukebox and dancing to it.
  43. I have a huge love for trees, I have paintings of them and just love being around them because I find them immensely soothing. I would like to be buried beneath a sapling when my time comes.
  44. I adore animals, especially our three loopy dogs who bark far more than any other dogs in the neighbourhood and often sets the other dogs off in a round robin of barking.
  45. My body is all lopsided, my eyebrows are different shapes, my nostrils are different sizes, my ears are not level so my glasses don’t sit straight, one foot is bigger than the other as is one boob.
  46. I can’t ride a bike without having to fall off to stop ~ coordination isn’t something I have been blessed with.
  47. I would love to write a book one day, I am a closet, frustrated writer but have no skill or plot!
  48. My favourite TV shows are Greys Anatomy, Silent Witness, Breaking Bad and 24.
  49. My secret crush is David Suchet, I find him especially weirdly attractive as Poirot!
  50. I have one tattoo on the inside of my right wrist which I had on my 41st birthday after the death of my mum ~ it is a St Cuthbert’s cross surrounded by 5 stars, the cross is significant for me and represents my mum and the five stars for each of the babies I lost. I am so happy I had it done I find myself gently stroking it when I am sad which weirdly provides me with some comfort.
So there you have it ~ my 50 facts about me. You may find that you have learnt something new about me or you may already know all of the above.
So, if you are a reader of my blog and a blogger yourself I hereby challenge you to write a “50 facts about me” yourself because I am hugely nosey and finds these challenges fascinating. I am going to tag Tasha, Alex, Kirsty and Stacy to do this challenge 🙂
Thank you for reading and see you again next time.
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