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7 down, 23 more to go!

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I have completed the first week *whoop whoop* of the vegetarian month. I must say seeing and smelling the wonderful aroma as I watched The Dave cook his amazing home made steak burgers was hard but Linda McCartney helped me through with her lovely Mozzarella burger and sausage, which was a huge relief as I can’t stomach quorn or tofu so was panicking!
Spicy foods have been great this week, thai curry, mixed bean chilli and cauliflower/potato curry all added some zing to the menu.
So, here are my meals in photos….
Day 1 ~ Pizza Hut Veggie Supreme Pizza
Day 2 ~ Mushroom and garlic rissotto
Day 3 ~ Potato and Cauliflower Curry
Day 4 ~ Mixed Bean, Pea and Lentil Chilli
Day 5 ~ Mushroom Thai Green Curry
Day 6 ~ BBQ with the help of Linda McCartneys burger and sausage 
Day 7 ~ Leek & Cheese Plait
I am still really craving and missing meat but am planning ahead to prevent any downfalls ~ the family are being super supportive too and Keisha has pledged me £50 payable on 1st October as a reward for completing the full month as a vegetarian which is brilliant.
If you fancy sharing my fundraising page or donating you can find it here; ~
If you wish to donate by text you can donate using this code: ~

Right, off to menu plan for the coming week now and will update you all next week ~ if you are on instagram you can find me  @Tonks69 as I’m posting photographs of my dinner daily on there too.

Thank you all for your support and bring on the next week!
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