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A Birthday Wish

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“The power of one, if fearless and focused, is formidable, but the power of many working together is better.”  Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

May 17th will see me reach the dizzy heights of 49 years old ~ which feels strange because inside I still feel like I’m in my 20’s.

I’m not one for material possessions and receiving gifts ~ I have everything I need or want with my home, my family, my pets and my holiday retreat. Anything else is really surplus and unnecessary.

This year, as you may have read in my recent blog here, I am walking for charity. This is a huge thing as I am limited physically due to joint hypermobility and ME. The pain it causes is toe~curlingly awful.

The saying is “no pain, no gain” which in this case is true. The pain it will cause is worth the gain of funds going directly to my favourite charity who work for myself, my girls and all the many other sufferers to invest in biomedical research into this horrible condition.

No cure has yet been found but I hope with these ongoing and planned research projects one will be secured in the near future.

So to my wish ~ specifically my birthday wish…I have created a facebook event ~ to those of you with a facebook account you can head over to it here. I am requesting that if everyone just gave £1 to my justgiving page the total will be reached and smashed. The event starts now and then ends on my birthday on 17th May.

For those of you who prefer to text then you can follow these directions to give your £1 via my text code of TONX69.
Text CodeI would just like to say a huge thank you to any of you who are kind enough to donate and/or share my birthday event, awareness video and fundraising page.


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