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A Chapter Ends..

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This weekend was the closing of a chapter, our time in Filey has come to a end.

We first visited Primrose Valley in Filey 6 years ago, booking a static caravan which allowed furry family visitors as well as the two legged variety. We had a fabulous holiday, the park was incredibly well maintained and clean. What made it all the more awesome was the access to the beach, our little slice of heaven. Before the end of the holiday we had been to visit the sales office and purchased our new holiday home ~ our very own bolthole with added luxury of a large decking area.

At the time of purchase we had two daughters with ME ~ we had previously booked a holiday to Greece but due to the girls illness, supplied with supporting medical letters we had to cancel our holiday and were able to claim our money back.

The caravan afforded us a great place to holiday and take mid week and long weekend breaks. The girls could just chill and relax without any stress or discomfort, see the beach and sea and have a holiday with minimal exertion and stress.

We loved our caravan but as the girls grew older they wanted to visit less and less. I, however, had been diagnosed with ME and hypermobility and still loved the laid back holidays by the Yorkshire coast, as did Dave. So we upgraded our holiday home to give us a caravan with a large bedroom and kingsize bed, sofas and a proper kitchen area with fridge freezer to boot.

Over the years we added more and more homey touches to make it more of a home from home. It was comfortable, relaxing and we had a fabulously quiet spot ~  a minutes walk from the cliff tops and onto the beach. It was our very happy place.

Sadly, as with many people, we had to tighten our belts financially ~ funds are running low and we are having to follow strict budgeting. Our caravan would have to go ~ much as we love it we acknowledged that the two and a half hour there and back made it difficult to access for short last minute breaks, inevitably the journey would be longer due to traffic. That on top of the always increasing costs of site rental, insurance, gas, water, electricity and maintenance made it a costly luxury.

So, we sold it back to Haven who own Primrose Valley ~ it was sad and heartwrenching but also lifted a little of the financial burden we carry.

We took the large van we keep at Daves unit and drove to Filey for the last time. We went on the Thursday through to the Sunday so that I could pack little by little and try to pace with my ME.

We visited Scarborough, watched the waves and had a short walk by the brightly coloured holiday challets.

We visited the Scarborough Sea Life Centre ~ particularly enjoying the turtle, octapus, jelly fish and penguins.

Finally we visited our favourite spot ~ the beach in Filey but from our access point in Primrose Valley which was far quieter than the area further down accessed from Filey Town. The rocks were warm and so we decided to sit on them rather than the damp sand ~ the tide was just going back out. The small warm stones were surprisingly comfortable ~ Dave lay back and had a snooze and I just sat and watched the waves, dogs and people as they enjoyed the good weather.

Before we left the beach I gathered a few small stones to put with the vase of coloured Filey sand we created during the renewal of our wedding vows in 2016. Along with the sand we had sea shells from the beach and so the stones will become part of that as a reminder of our happy place.

The caravan once empty of all our belongings looked so sand and bare. We said our farewells and left Filey for the last time.

So the Filey chapter has ended.

I look forward to see what the future holds, where it will take us. We are now focusing on our garden so that our staycations can be relaxing ~ we need new decking and so will be using our Silver Wedding Anniversary gift money to pay for that. We have dedicated part of our garden to grow as a meadow and seeded wild flowers in it. We have our bird feeding station and I am going to get some bird houses and bee houses when I feel better to dot around the garden. We have the almost new patio furniture from the caravan to replace the knackered wooden set ~ which we can now burn.

So as one chapter closes another opens…



  1. A very touching post, Tanya. It must have been very poignant to leave such a beautiful place, but I can also imagine the relief too. Go well and enjoy your garden! Xx

    11th June 2018
    • Thank you, we made many happy memories there which I will cherish xx

      11th June 2018

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