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A Day In Windsor

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It’s amazing how little of the UK I have actually seen, something I aim to rectify in forthcoming years. Now we haven’t got our Filey bolt hole Dave is taking me away on mini breaks within the UK, slowly crossing off our “places to visit” list. This time we visited Windsor, somewhere I have been close to on many occasions but not ventured into.

Holiday Express hotels are our go to for booking accommodation, as for the most part they are in the town centre or close to it. Whenever a Holiday Express isn’t available we like to use a B&B instead. Fortunately Windsor had a Holiday Express just in the right location, so we booked a room with them.

Day 1 we were knackered, so took pleasure in a big comfy bed, dinner of 3 starters between us along with wine and a film.

Day 2; in the morning we woke up, briefly toyed with the idea of breakfast before the plump pillows and warm duvet won us over. Later armed with sensible shoes, various supports, crutches (my rheumatologist would be approving) and camera around my neck we left the hotel. First on the agenda was coffee and breakfast, taxi hailed we found ourselves a Weatherspoons where breakfast was devoured and coffee blissfully consumed, I can recommend the mushroom benedict.

Suitably replete we sauntered outside and tried to get our bearings. A sign to the tourist information pointed us towards a building only a few steps away. We checked out “things to do” and decided upon a bus then boat tour, that way I get to see all the sights without having to do anything other than look, listen and absorb.

The bus had a open top and the stairs were managable as they had handrails for me to hoist myself up with. The seats were rather compact so we took up 2 seats each so we could sit more comfortably, Dave was behind me and we both sat on the far side so we could get the best view possible. We were accompanied only by two other people on the top deck and they had the same idea, spacing themselves out too.  When we got onto the bus we were handed a packet of red, white & blue earphones. In front of each seat was a port to plug in the earphones and listen to a tour commentary. The tour took about one and a quarter hour, it was fantastic as the weather was lovely, the seat was comfy, a breeze blew my hair gently, the commentary was clear and the view was great.

Here are some photos from the bus tour..

After the bus tour we had a slow wander about before taking the boat tour. Initially I had wanted the duck tour but they were sold out ~ after seeing the buses used for these tours I’m glad we didn’t go on it as it looked very uncomfortable.

There were other boat tours and we booked both bus and boat tours together which gave us a discount of £5. There were two options, a 2 hour or a 40 minute tour, we took the shorter one which took us up and down the Thames past the race course and some plush houses. Unlike the duck tour this boat served drinks during our boat trip and we were served wine and beer, which was lovely. To be honest I didn’t absorb much of the tour commentary as I was too busy enjoying the view, drinking my wine and snapping a photo or too. Here are a few of them..

Once on dry land we enjoyed passing time people watching before slowly making our way back to the town centre and restaurants. Dave fancied a American Barbeque Restaurant where we enjoyed various meats, chips and slaw. Obviously I had dessert and generously shared it with Dave, it didn’t look much but was dense and delicious ~it was  Oreo and salted caramel cheesecake, just in case you were curious.

We lingered over dinner, taking our time and listening to the chatter of other diners. There were several different languages being spoken, we noticed how it was like different instruments in a orchestra, each language having a different pitch and flow.

After dinner, a short stroll took us to a beautiful pub with flowers abundantly covering the outside areas which were over three levels.

Finally, exhausted after a day of absorbing the world around me I needed to take off my bra and shoes and put my feet up ~ so we hailed a taxi back to the hotel.

Day 3; the journey home.

Looking back at my brief but comprehensive tour of Windsor two things struck me. First was how enormous old Queenies yard is ~I mean it’s not just big it’s HUGE, I hadn’t realised quite how big it was, seriously who needs to have a place that big? Secondly, and this upset me so much, the number of homeless in such a small area. Community officers in purple shirts spend their day moving on the homeless and calling in the police to move them if they don’t go. The contrast of the wealthy and the destitute upset me, in my mind there should be no excuse for not helping the homeless. A programme to give them a roof over their head and work to do in order to get them back on their feet should be a priority. Whatever I can do, I will do, whether that’s buying them a meal and a drink, getting them cigarettes or giving them some clothes or a blanket. I wish I had more money and energy because if I did I would volunteer and work with homeless projects, to do what I could to make a difference.

Our stay in Windsor was brief, I enjoyed it and it’s now marked off the list of places to visit. Our next trip will be to visit Bath and hopefully Stonehenge too. I have a brother I need to visit ~ he lives in Devon and it’s been 5 years since I saw him. Plus I need to see my sister who lives in France and has moved since I last saw her there, so I need to see her new pad. If we manage to visit them we will cross off a few more from our list ~ we hope to squeeze them in between now and Christmas.

Now home once again, dogs lying on top of me I can enjoy the memory of our trip and set up a plan for our next excursion. Learning how to pace (a ongoing process as I’m pretty useless at it right now) plus using support and mobility aids has opened my eyes and shown me that when you accept your disability you can then work around it when planning trips. I do need to get myself a key to get access to disabled toilets though, as when I’m out and about I’ve found many ladies loos are either up or down steps ~ and steps are not my friend.



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