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A Different Gift

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Morning all, having woken up this morning with a throat that feels like it has razor blades embedded into it and a voice resembling that of a pubescent boy going from high to low with many a squeak, this seems more apt than ever. Having ME leaves you open to many infections as the immune system is more than a little wonky, running along as best it can held together with band aids and rusty nuts and bolts.

Myself and The Dave have been having discussions about materialism, getting things for no other reason than people feel obliged to buy for occasions such as birthdays, Christmas etc, trying to de-clutter and live more simply, to buy only as we need without surplus “stuff”. SO, we have decided that in future to ask folks not to buy us any gifts, as to be honest we are not needing anything really, we don’t really do “things” but instead if they really feel they want to give something to donate to one of two charities we support.

The first is Derby Hospitals Charitable Trust, it’s fair to say we have in the past and continue to in the present use the services of the Derby Hospitals, so much so that we often wander if we could apply for our own parking spot! They have been brilliant with the girls and for ourselves for many years. We have had so many visits with asthma, chest infections, ear infections, digestive issues, jaw operations, gynae operations, cardiac monitoring and stent operations, ME input, blood tests, support services, dieticians, OT’s, Physio’s, A&E (frequently) ~ in fact from paramedics, ambulance crews, orderlies, nursing assistants, receptionists, nurses, doctors and all the other therapists in between we have used and thank them all! If you want to know what the charity do then I shall quote them: –

Derby Hospitals Charitable Trust: Charity Registration No. 1061812

The Trust is made up of over 200 separate funds for the benefit of patients and staff and to support and enhance the services provided by Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Please note that all fundraising should be in line with the trust’s fundraising policy.

How your money helps
Derby Hospitals Charity exists to support all aspects of the work of Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust at the Royal Derby Hospital and the London Road Community Hospital. We are here to “make patients’ lives better”. Donations and legacies to the charity help to provide the “extras” that can’t be provided from NHS statutory funding, but make a real difference to our patients and staff.

Every year we provide funds for:

Patient welfare
From providing relaxation CDs for clinic areas and toys for the Children’s Hospital to funding new assessment areas for the Children’s Emergency Department and the Frail and Elderly in the Medical Assessment Unit, we give a helping hand to all areas of the hospital.

The very latest state-of-the-art medical equipment to help provide the best possible care for our patients.

Local research projects
Local research projects helping to find new ways of treating illness and curing disease. Work is currently ongoing on various research projects in areas such as: Gynaecological cancer, Colorectal cancer, Renal, Cancer services and Palliative Care.

Staff training
By providing funding for staff to attend a variety of courses and conferences at home and abroad we are ensuring they are kept as up to date as possible with the latest medical knowledge to benefit the patients they treat. We also fund subscriptions to medical journals and text books so that our staff have the most up-to-date reference literature available to them.

In an average year, Derby Hospitals Charity spends more than £1.5million on “Making patients’ lives better” and we simply couldn’t do what we do without you.

Click on picture to go to justgiving page

The second charity is Invest in ME Research, this is a charity that works hard to educate health care professionals and change public perception of the illness, their funding goes towards relevant research projects. Which for us, as a family of 5 with 3 having ME, gives us hope for some kind of treatment in the future.

Again, I let the charity explain what they do in their own words: –

Invest in ME: Charity Registration No. 1114035

Invest in ME has as its objectives to change how myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) is perceived and treated in the press, by health departments and by healthcare professionals. We aim to do this by raising funding for biomedical research and improving education about the disease.

Invest in ME Research is a UK charity facilitating and funding a strategy of biomedical research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME or ME/CFS) and promoting better education about ME.

For ten years the charity has been arranging an international CPD-accedited biomedical research conference on ME.
The IiMER annual conferences and research colloquiums arranged by the charity now attracts presenters, researchers, physicians, patient groups and journalists from around the world.
In addition the charity organises an annual international research colloquium which aims to increase collaboration on research into ME.

IIME Research Logo MAIN TR RED
Again, click on picture to go to justgiving page

These pages are now set up to run indefinitely to cover many a Christmas and Birthday among other celebrations which may arise. Let’s hope we can make a small difference and convert our friends and family to gifting via donations instead of wrapped presents.

Have a good day y’all and remember…



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