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A New Tack..

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Finding myself with no new material to photograph I wondered what I could possibly do to create new images. I really need to get out somewhere fresh but in the meantime I decided to try a new tack ~ my aim was to try and create a new style of image from tried and tested materials.

So, I took out my macro lens and messed about with really high or really low ISO settings and manually focused for most of them. I then messed about with adjusting the images on my editing program, which I really have no clue how to use, I really must use the manual. I played around hitting buttons here and there to see what they would do and the images were then “finished”.

I’m really not sure what to make of these images, I sort of like them but also think they are a bit lame too. Perhaps they are lamely okay? I tried something new though, which isn’t nothing. I plan to dig out my normal lens and try some tricks that I saw on a video somewhere on facebook ~ one of the tips was using tin foil as a base to stand objects on to get great reflection photos. So watch this space, although I visualise my attempts to be something similar to those cake pintrest fails ~ but then I may get some good images ~ who knows!

So, big breath, here they are ~ first here are some spiders..

Now some flying critters..

A beetle..

Some ants..

Our dogs..

Then just some random other things in the garden..

Finally I will leave you with the one photo that really tickled me ~ probably just me, but just in case it will tickle you too I give you the pole dancing ant..





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