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A small piece of history

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My husband has a van, is a man and therefore is called upon at times to help people move things around or get rid of clutter. One family asked him to take away a number of old items which they no longer wished to hold onto, including these pamphlets and ration books.
I suspect most of you have been taught about the second world war at school, I know I was. I was also fortunate to have another source of information about it, my father, who flew both the Hurricane and Spitfire for the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Team for a number of years. He also came to my daughters primary school years ago and gave talks to their class about the Second World War, he used to hand round his old gas mask for them to touch and put on, take booklets with information about the Battle of Britain and also his memento of how lucky he is to be alive ~ a piston which flew out of a Spitfire whilst he was flying it as part of a fly by for my brothers school forcing a crash landing as we watched in horror as the plane disappeared from view in a plume of black smoke. Thankfully he managed to land it in one piece and was unharmed ~ he was later commemorated for safely landing and preserving the plane.

So although I have heard the history through my father and grandparents plus watched documentaries I never really felt how it must have been for the people who lived it, only imagined. However when I held these fragile, yellowed pieces of paper in my hands it really brought home to me how frightened the original recipients must have been to receive them.  For me as a parent I would have felt both terrified and uncertain how to best protect my family along with the fear of the unknown future ahead. I had not previously seen any of the War Emergency and information pamphlets and figured that many of us haven’t, so I scanned them to share with you now…

Some things you should know if war should come.

Make your home safe now.

War Emergency ~ Information and Instructions.

No matter how much I grumble about modern day living I do appreciate very much what our forebearers have done to ensure we have the life and freedom we do. Life may not be perfect but just think of what may have been and the huge losses and sacrifices that have been made on our behalf.
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