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A Walk In The Meadows

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When I think of where I live I consider myself to be exceptionally fortunate. Our home is down the bottom of a very quiet Cul~De~Sac in Mickleover. We have one foot in the city and one in the country.

This satellite map shows where we are and how close we are to the Mickleover Meadows, shown as Bramble Brook on the map..


Mickleover is just within the city boundary, so we are literally only a five minute drive to the Royal Derby Hospital and boy, have we used the services of this hospital! Contained within this hospital are all the departments, such as Children’s, Maternity, Mental Health, General and A&E.

Many moons ago when I was a student nurse in Derby, we were based at the Derby Royal Infirmary (DRI) which is now mostly rubble and due for housing to be built on the site. Only a section of the hospital now remains and some clinics are run from there. However it no longer goes by its old name ~ now it’s called the London Road Community Hospital.

We are so fortunate to have buses running every 10 to 15 minutes from the top of our rod too, which means travel is pretty easy. If I drive it only takes 15 minutes from my door to the city centre shops and restaurants. After living in the the Lincolnshire countryside for much of my youth where buses were a rare sight, often late and many times broke down ~ plus it took 40~50 minutes to reach either Lincoln or Boston city centres. In comparison  living in Mickleover is bliss, close to city, restaurants, shops, hospital and also wonderful countryside. We truly have the best of both worlds.

The other side of Mickleover is surrounded by fields and wonderful countryside, it’s only 5 minutes to the fields from my home, which is awesome. As well as the local fields we have a large park called Markeaton Park, which is lovely to wander around and enjoy ~ especially with a camera.

I’ve talked many a time about our dogs, who are our little treasures but are also little monkeys. Loki, our Jack Russell Pug cross is very active, he runs around the house, up and down the stairs and round and round the garden. Taylor, however is a sloth in a Border Terriers body. He, even as a puppy, never ran around unless he’s having his mad 5 minutes and has a zoomie moment around the garden.

Our Taylor is like a hoover with unlimited storage, he will eat anything! Loki only eats when hungry and often will only eat once a day ~ I feed them the BARF diet and divide their daily allocated amount into two meals. When I say BARF diet we feed a limited version of it because Loki can only cope with turkey, tripe and fish ~ anything else meat wise aggravates his allergies. He does however love his veggies and is partial to broccoli. We get our dog food from a local supplier of raw dog food which is made using human grade meat as per DEFRA regulations.

To make raw pet food you can only use:

  • Slaughterhouse material that was passed fit for humans to eat but is unwanted for commercial reasons
  • Fish by-products from factories and ships that prepare fish for human consumption.
  • Game that was passed fit for humans to eat but rejected for commercial reasons, not due to disease
  • Material from animals that passed an ante-mortem test, that is unfit for humans to eat, eg liver with fluke”

Taylor is overweight ~ by about 3 kg, which worries me as he has already had one benign fatty lump removed under general anaesthetic and I certainly don’t want him to go through that again.

So, we weigh his food and try to encourage him to play ~ he’s rubbish at playing, you throw a tennis ball and he watches it glide by, then saunters over to it, lies down and pulls the fluff off it!

So today I made myself a promise ~ I promised myself I would get Taylor’s weight down ~ the poor boy now has stairs to get up onto our bed and needs to really gear himself up to get onto the sofa and often needs a little help up.

Taylor’s stairs..

So today I took my two boys for a wander around Mickleover Meadows. In the summer the grass is long and full of wild flowers, bees, butterflies and other wildlife, there are mown paths for you to walk around, the dogs enjoy roaming in the long grass, with only the tips of their ears showing. Then during winter months it is all cut back and the meadows just look like regular fields.

Our boys loved their walk, Taylor even got a little jog on at one point. I don’t allow the dogs off their leads, although other dog owners do, because I know they can’t be guaranteed to come back when I call.

So, me being me, took some photos with my phone during our walk. I was on my own on this occasion and so couldn’t use my crutches, which I would normally do. This meant I could only walk very slowly and had to just stand and rest regularly. Thankfully the extendable leads are a bit like lunge reins, but instead of lunging a horse I was lunging two terriers.

Here’s a wee slow mo video of my boys as we entered the Meadows from the Murray Park School site entrance..

Now here are just a few photos of the dogs, our shadows and maybe a berry or tree or two..

Thank you for joining me across and around the meadows, it was a beautiful day, not too warm and not too cold either. Hopefully I will have a companion to help me during future walks, so I can use a crutch to help me balance and keep steady ~ on the days I am alone I’ll just have to go slow and take it steady.

The dogs were tired when they came home but very happy, after a long drink of water they hopped onto my legs and promptly fell asleep, snored and broke wind a few times whilst a wrote this blog.


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