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Act of Kindness

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The internet is fabulous life-line for the chronically ill, it’s a means for them to maintain contact with the outside world from their beds.  BUT since the internet invaded our lives we find you don’t get letters any more do you? or postcards? Everyone prefers the immediacy emails or texts provide instead.   All our postie tends to deliver is junk mail and bills – but very rarely any actual proper hand written (not typed) letters.

Well folks, today a real letter was delivered through our letterbox – and addressed to my Tasha too!  I had to wait for what felt like ages for her to wake as she is particularly unwell now – her ME has progressed from moderately severe to severe and so most of her time is spent in bed (or on occasion on a bed made on the sofa) and she is struggling to text or keep in touch with people even via the internet.  Well – this letter was written by a fabulous volunteer who also suffers with severe ME, and enclosed with the letter was a hand-made card too.  Receiving this gave my daughter, who feels so desperately low, alone and sick a huge boost and brought a lovely smile to her face as I read it out to her.  These volunteers are such kind souls, writing such beautiful letters by hand and decorating them with little sparkles and messages of hope – full of understanding as they know exactly how she feels and what she is going through.  It has made her feel a little less alone and part of a very special tribe.  It has given her a ray of hope for improved health in the future and the knowledge that someone out there is thinking of her and has been kind enough to write to her and be a friend.  Her sister Keisha has offered to write back at the weekend if Tasha dictates to her what she would like to say and enclose a little hand-made something back in return to repay the kindness.  How wonderful would life be if more folk did acts of kindness like this?  It has made me think and I am going to endeavour to do as many random acts of kindness that I can, as and when I can to try and spread a little happiness back.

Today has been a mixed bag for me personally.  I visited the doctors this morning for my third monthly BP check and review and was thrilled to see that I now have the BP of a 28 year old (to which my naughty husband retorted that he wished I had the body of one too!!) and had the satisfaction of seeing the prescription pad being pushed away, as medication was no longer required to bring my blood pressure down. I think a HUGE part of the reduction of blood pressure is due to the fact that over the past 4 weeks I have managed to lose 8lbs in weight and rarely drink alcohol any more.  The weight loss journey is only at the beginning but today has spurred me on to continue because it is already impacting positively on my health. Sadly though the aches, pains and fatigue are still ongoing and have been put down as being stress related illness – I am hoping that in time these will reduce too and not progress any further, as there is the risk of the ME diagnosis should they worsen or continue over the oncoming months.

My wonderful girls are continuing to struggle, Tara managed a birthday sleepover on Saturday with her two friends but is still paying for that – we had to cancel plans to go out for a special dinner on Tuesday (her actual birthday) as she wasn’t well enough and sadly Tasha is currently bed-bound by this darn illness.  So we made alternative plans and bought in loads of naughty lovely nibbles and had a party buffet instead followed by a pj party snuggling en-masse under a duvet den for a family film night.  So all in all I think, despite the ME, she enjoyed her birthday.
PLUS – she received many monkey based gifts which she loves and I made her a vanilla and chocolate marbled monkey cake too  🙂

I am hoping that this weekend we can all just hide away and rest up.  So I am planning to do some batch cooking tomorrow and get some comforting (healthy) foods in so we can snuggle and chomp away together in our pit and hopefully gain some strength for a good week next week (as I have optimistically booked us all haircuts as Mondays are the quietest days at our hairdresser, so perfect for the girls if I can get them there.   Thank goodness for blue badges & wheelchairs – we can park directly outside, scurry in, have a chop and scurry out again).
Wishing you all the best weekend possible.

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