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Adapting, Changing, Deciding

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Over the past week conversations with my other half have been about making changes in all aspects of our lives to accommodate our limited finances and with those changes adapting our lives to make them as easy to accept as possible.

The first decision was extremely difficult for us, but the right one for our situation at present. We were in our escape bolt hole, our happy place in Filey. A conversation about the expense involved in owning such a lovely caravan, with very close access to the beach and in a brilliant park is just too much for us right now. The ground rent, insurance, gas, water and electricity bills, on top of  maintenance costs, travelling there and back and paying for cleaning each time, was making quite a hole in our finances. So, girding our loins we approached  the Owners Team to discuss selling our home to them, a price was agreed and we signed it away. We will return on the weekend of 9th & 10th June to pack up all our belongings before handing over our keys.

I know I will cry, I love it there so much, yet know selling was the right thing to do. Excess cars (we do like our vehicles) are also being sold. The belt is being tightened ~ what I need to remember is that they are only “things”, this makes it easier. For me those people in my life who I love are far more important. Things, objects, vehicles, holiday homes are all extra, not necessary ~ can be done without.

It’s not the end of the world ~ the money will cushion us until we straighten things out financially.

We are investing in ourselves, our family and our home. No big expenses at all. I have installed a bird feeding station on the decking ~ already we are having a variety of visitors which is lovely.

Our decking is totally rotten and so we are going to use money from family as gifts for our silver wedding and 50th birthdays to replace it. We also will be having the almost new patio furniture from our caravan to replace our broken and rotten wooden table and chairs.

Recently I was travelling  companion to Dave as he drove over to deliver some expensive car parts to a customer. They lived down a long long country track ~ either side laid to meadow with just a lawnmower road around it. The wild flowers, bird and insect life were rampant and it just looked so beautiful.

Inspired, today I purchased several packets of different wild flowers to create a meadow in my own garden. We have laid aside the right hand side of the garden ~ separated by a path to create our own meadow. It will be lovely to see wild flowers around the tree we planted in memory of our much missed Skyla, our 5 year old border terrier who passed far to soon.

This morning I walked around the area with second born offspring and we sprinkled the seeds randomly around the selected grassy area. We now just have to wait and let it all grow.

Another plan ~ seeing as we are going to be having many staycations at home ~ is to re~glaze our greenhouse and start growing all manner of edible delights ~ plus chilli’s ~ lots of chilli’s!

Our final plan, which may come to fruition either this year or next, is to purchase a couple of bee hives.  We are very much pro save the bees and would really love to actively do something to increase their population. I have been reading up on bee keeping and it seems to be something that is easy to do, hives can be kept in orchards, gardens and even inner city balconies. The bees are low maintenance requiring on average only half an hour of your time a week. So, I plan to look around for hives, bees and all the equipment and I hope the bees will love our garden and neighbouring area to pollinate and flourish in. With this in mind I have pots all along my garden containing bee friendly plants ~ today I also planted some lavender, which I know they love.

So, many hard decisions, adaptations to our life style and changes are being made. Sometimes life is about the small things, the inexpensive things ~ things that matter


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  1. Dean

    Nice one mate go for it

    1st June 2018

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