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Animal love

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We are a family of animal lovers ~ given half a chance we would have our own zoo. However the reality just isn’t practical so we make do with visiting Safari Parks, Zoo’s and Pet Shops when we can.
My second born daughter has been feeling pretty rubbish and down because her ME is really restricting her from doing very much at all. So ~ how to cheer her up? We decided on a short trip out, we hopped into the car, Tasha still with slippers on! It was only a short distance to go and we were very fortunate in being able to get parked in the disabled bay right outside the front door of the pet shop, which meant we could leave the wheelchair in the boot.  Once in the shop we asked ever so very nicely if they would allow her to cuddle a Chinchilla as she LOVES them and has never held one. The staff were incredibly friendly and accommodating and so Tasha had her wish and had a big long cuddle with one of the two they had in the shop.

We are planning a trip to Twycross Zoo hopefully within the next two weeks (so long as the girls are well enough to go) so that they can get their fill of seeing monkeys which were sadly lacking at the Safari Park.
I though I would close this short blog with a video clip of our three young dogs, Taylor (4 years old), Skyla Minx (3 years old) and Loki (1 year old) who like to serenade my return with a harmonious howling chorus, the minute they hear the car pull onto the drive they start and don’t stop until they hear the key turn in the lock. It makes me smile every time I come home and hear them as I approach our front door.  Hope it makes you smile too…
Note how Taylor (top of the stairs) and Loki (middle of the stairs) throw back their heads as they get into full howl mode, Skyla Minx however is a little more restrained.

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