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Ants, Butterflies, Bees ~ Oh My!

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The garden has very little life in it right now with the exception of the Buddleia which is starting to bloom quite nicely and attracting more critters for me to observe and capture.

I love the Buddleia and it’s small purple flowers, I sit on the wall beside it and watch the various insect species come and go. The buzz of flies, bees and wasps hum around me and teeny critters go about their business undisturbed along its branches and leaves.

When I have the energy to use my camera I sit and wait and then gently stalk my subjects. Sometimes they fly away before I get close, other times they wait for me and allow me to take their images.

Currently my time lifting a camera each day is short because of being in a relapse it physically hurts to lift the camera and leaves my arms weak and very shaky. Other times I have to accept defeat when I simply can’t lift the camera at all.

I have my tripod for still life photography but not insects as they move too quickly to allow me time to set up and get into focus using the tripod and slider.

The other day, as we returned from our long drive (husband drove) to Heathrow and back (dropping of first~born offspring as she jetted off to Jamaica for 6 weeks working with Projects Abroad), we witnessed the tail end of a flying ant convention. Obviously I grabbed my camera and sat down amongst the ants on the garden path. I managed to take a few photos and when finished was covered in ants, as they had crawled all over me whilst I took photos. Thankfully they brush off easily and soon I was ant free.

The photos below are from several days of very short mini shoots in the garden. Some are very blurred with small areas in focus ~ mostly due to my weak and shaky arms and brain fog. I like them though, they are a little dreamy with the blurring and the sharp points are pretty clear.

I hope to be able to take more photographs of butterflies, bees and other critters when I’m a little stronger. The butterflies were difficult to shoot as never stayed still for more than a few seconds. I hope to get clearer, sharper more focused detailed images as the summer goes on, I plan to set up my monopod and just wait quietly until they come close enough to photograph.

I also saw the critter with no name again ~ I have no idea what it is as when I look close up and compare pictures it is different from mealybugs and woolly aphids ~ so if you have the answer please let me know in the comments.





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