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Are you on the register? #pantsonyourhead

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I read my friend Stacy Harts blog this morning, she writes regularly every Friday for the Watford Observer, you can read it, subscribe to it and share it here
In it she writes about her life living with ME & Fibromyalgia but also talks about a plethora of other topics too, this week she appeals for your help in the desperate search for a bone marrow donor for a young girl called Emma. This lovely young girl is being kept alive by having regular blood transfusions and platelets as she has a rare disease called Faconi Anaemia (FA), which means she has bone marrow failure. The heartbreaking fact is time is running out for Emma, she has been on the bone marrow register since 2012 and no match has been found as yet. Her family are heartbroken as this transplant is so desperately needed.
So, how can you help?
You can join the movement known as #pantsonyourhead, all you have to do is take a photograph of you wearing a pair of pants (preferably clean!) on your head, uploading it and sharing the link ~ then if you are not already on the bone marrow register and fit the criteria, all you initially have to do is send in a saliva sample ~ it really is that simple.
It doesn’t matter what your ethnicity is, all donors are urgently needed to help not only Emma, but others like her who urgently need your bone marrow donations. The clock is ticking against them and you may be the one who can save a life ~ how fantastic would that be?
You can read about #pantsonyourhead here, and join the bone marrow register if you are between the ages of 16-30 via the Anthony Nolan Trust website. For older folk (like myself) you can join the British Bone Marrow Registry which accepts applicants between the ages of 18 – 49, this is the registry I am currently on.  If you are not eligible to join this one due to being older than 49 there is still one more option. You can register to join Delete Blood Cancer UK which take people between the ages of 18 – 55.

Here’s my photograph for the #pantsonyourhead appeal
Please join in too if you can, if not share the links widely, hopefully via the power of social media we can encourage more people to join whichever registry they can and help join the movement to do something amazing, find a cure and save lives.
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