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Auditory Hallucinations

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Last night and this morning have been highly stressful. I spent the night waking up to hearing conversations that apparently weren’t happening.


I also kept falling back into the same dream, going to the point I left when waking ~ I don’t remember the dream but do remember it unsettled me.

Throughout the night I woke up several times because of urgent whispering in my ear, only no one was there! Each time I got up to the loo to make sure I was awake and to hopefully “shake it off” before getting back into bed and to sleep.

I also “heard” my middle daughter having conversations with people between the hours of midnight and 4.30am, I know very specific times but I looked at the clock every time I woke.

Finally this morning I woke up to hearing my husband having a whispered conversation with my eldest daughter ~ only he had just got up, wasn’t talking to anyone and eldest child is at her own place in town!

So I am feeling a little freaked today ~ and tired!

The events of last night and this morning had me searching for reasons why I had this experience. I do remember my middle daughter having auditory and visual hallucinations when first diagnosed with ME post meningitis.

I think the doctor at the time explained the reason for it as her brain being tired and so misfiring signals ~ or something like that.

Now I am up ~ in my pjs & dressing gown whilst caffeinating to ensure I am really awake, I am having a google to see why this is occurring. It’s worrying enough having cognitive issues with speech and memory without this on top!

16Now I have intermittent tinnitus ~ but that just is weird ringing and noises in the ear, it comes and goes thankfully and is rarely continuous for a long period of time. The auditory hallucinations though, these are a new occurrence and one that has really freaked me out because the whispering conversations sounded so real.

So I googled..

What Are Auditory Hallucinations?
Auditory hallucinations are false perceptions of hearing sounds, like voices, music, etc.,without any real sensory stimuli. Auditory hallucinations have been reported in those suffering from epilepsy, brain tumors, migraines, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy body dementia, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and Parkinson’s disease. These hallucinations have also been known to be induced by drugs, such as cocaine and amphetamines.
Perhaps most surprisingly, auditory hallucinations have been reported in approximately 15% of people with no mental or physical health problems whatsoever. The most common condition associated with auditory hallucinations, however, is schizophrenia, with a reported 70% of schizophrenic patients experiencing them.” 

The same article goes on to say that hearing auditory hallucinations is usually caused by imbalances of chemicals in the brain, most notably Dopamine. Another cause could be due to the Thalamus ~ this is because the thalamus sends signals from our ears to our auditory part of the brain which then interprets what sounds are being heard. Finally, the article says it could be to do with abnormal activity in the right hemisphere of our brain.. If the thalamus is playing up then auditory hallucinations could follow.

Interestingly, on googling Dopamine for patients with Fibro & ME this came up, dopamine is a neurotransmitter and people with Fibro and ME tend to have low dopamine levels which can result in a number of symptoms and conditions.

I looked up Thalamus issues relating to ME and Fibro next and it came up with articles informing me that I’m not alone in this, the article; Sensory Overload: Study Suggests Brains in Fibromyalgia Are Being Pummeled With Too Much Information was very interesting. This explains my cognitive issues as well as the auditory hallucinations ~ I know my “dementia” like cognitive issues become much worse when I am suffering from Post Exertional Malaise (PEM), which is often as I am currently struggling to pace effectively so seem to permanently be in a “crash”.

The article says that people with ME and Fibro become easily over stimulated by outside factors and so experience sensory overload. Usually, for healthy folk, the body fires up the sensory gate which filters out what is important and what isn’t. For folk like me with ME and Fibro, this sensory gate is often broken, it is thought that the area which is broken is in the part of the brain stem known as the “reptilian brain”. It is the area of the brain necessary for survival but doesn’t come with high cognitive functions.  Usually it protects the brain from over stimulation but not when broken for us folk with ME and Fibro.

On further googling I came across this article, which says that anxiety can cause simple and complex hallucinations too.

This has made me feel much better this morning, I’m not freaking out so much now that I know there are reasons for it ~ the most likely cause is my poor old brain is feeling overwhelmed and so misfiring with messages received making me think I am hearing things that quite simply aren’t there.

I know I haven’t gone into any great detail here and I won’t because I don’t want to stress my brain/body out any further. However, after my wee google session I now feel reassured that it’s nothing to be concerned about. Just as numerous doctors and consultants previously reassured me about my “dementia” symptoms, that I don’t have it but that my body is so exhausted due to my whammy of chronic illnesses that it misfires and causes my cognitive functions to nosedive. I am now looking at the auditory hallucinations as an extension of that and realise that the severe lack of pacing over the past few weeks must be the contributing factor in it all.

Thankfully, on Friday I will be disappearing off to my “happy place” ~ away from stimulation and into the arms of the coast, sea breezes, salt, sand and sea. By the end of next week I hope to have returned to some semblance of normality ~ here’s hoping!

As with anything though, if you experience anything out of the norm with your health/body I would always advocate that you get it checked out.

My motto is;

If in doubt19x~X~x



  1. Rosalind Pearl
    Rosalind Pearl

    Thanks for this great blog! Just a thought- could it be your meds, have you checked out whether anyone else has had similar experiences? I suggest this because I had auditory hallucinations when I was coming off amitryptiline. It was awful, I mainly heard banging as I was falling asleep but snatches of voices I recognised too. Major love to you because this shiz is not easy! Xx

    11th October 2017
    • GP reassured me that it’s due to tiredness and if I I rest it should ease *fingers crossed* Sad to hear you experienced this but hope now weaned off you are hullicination free xx💜

      11th October 2017
      • Rosalind Pearl
        Rosalind Pearl

        Indeed I am! Hoping recovery is swift for you too xx

        11th October 2017

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