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Bempton Cliffs

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Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Bempton Cliffs, a beautiful spot just out of Bridlington where birds nest and procreate on the cliffs.

I was desperate to get a picture of a Puffin but alas my equipment proved lacking ~ the Puffins were in the far distance on the cliff side and beyond the capability of my camera to zoom in to get a quality picture. Instead I gazed longingly at the other hobbyist photographers and envied their enormous pieces of equipment with lenses as long as my arm! I hope they realised it was the camera lenses I was looking at!

I rummaged around in my camera bag looking for a suitable lens. I have a macro lens ~ a gift from my husband from last Christmas. I have the normal every day lens that came with the camera. THEN I have a lens I have never used because for some reason I’ve had a fear of not being able to work it out. It came with the camera as a bonus extra ~ so I dug out the Tamron lens that apparently shoots telescopically and with a flick of the wrist can also shoot macro too.

Gingerly I switched lenses and put the Tamron lens on my camera. It made me feel a little better ~ my lens was a little longer ~ although a far cry from the other lenses, and I have to admit to being a little green with envy watching them gleefully chatting to each other and pointing out where to look, then snapping away taking images of the puffins.

Here’s my most impressive looking lens ~ but a far cry to the enormity of all the other hobbyist photographers ~ in fact it’s measly in comparison to theirs.


Long story short ~ I took as many photos as I could, even attempts of the Puffins ~ which are very poor quality and blurry ~ BUT you can make out the distinct orange feet, so that’s something.

Here is the fruit of my labour, so to speak ~ alas, alack, wail and moan, not what I had hoped for but better than nothing..

The cliff sides were packed with different sea birds..

Here are a few of the bird images I took, along with a few from the cliff top meadows..

All in all we had a few pleasant hours at Bempton Cliffs ~ I wish the weather had been better and that we had a full day to really soak it all in. There are nature walks where you can see the birds that nest in the long grass along with insect, butterflies and other critters that live there. They also have a small area near the cafe where tame smaller inland birds come to feed, unfortunately at the time of our visit the cafe lawn area was absolutely full of visitors and so the birds remained singing behind the foliage of the hedges and tress.

There are viewing platforms along the cliff edge for you to stand and watch the birds as they fly in and out ~ the sea was alive with birds resting and bobbing on the waves ~ but these images were too blurry from my collection as they were too far away. The shop stocks a range of binoculars and telescopes for hire, books, bird food and feeders, nestboxes and gifts. I would recommend if a nice day to take a picnic as the cafe is very basic and more just self service drinks with minimal food offerings. I didn’t realise that I could have hired a mobility scooter ~ but you can. I was so limited due to my lack of mobilty  and so couldn’t do the nature walks, but maybe next time with the scooter.

So, if you ever find yourself around the Bridlington area, it’s a nice day and you want to fill a few hours then I highly recommend visiting Bempton Cliffs.


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