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Bird Squabbles Galore

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I am thrilled by the success of the bird feeding station ~ we are inundated with birds of all shapes and sizes. Small flocks gather on the grass and they hold their mothers meetings up on the top of the bird feeder. It’s amazing just how noisy these wee birds are ~ it never fails to amuse me and the thrill of seeing so many birds hasn’t lost any of its wonder for me.

The dogs have now become used to our feathered friends and sit on my knee and by my feet in the garden without them getting up to chase the birds away.

Sadly they still like to bark and chase Gloria Squirrel, but some of that is due to her goading them on numerous occasions in the past ~ parading up and down the fence knowing they can’t reach her.

Now Gloria is with mini Gloria’s I keep the dogs off the lawn during her feeding times ~ they bark at her but she knows they can’t get to her. Which is great for me because I can watch her when she visits.  Little Loki hardly bothers with her now, he barks a little to support Taylor but you can see his hearts not in it. Meanwhile Taylor barks indignantly at her failing to appreciate that she needs food just as much as the birds and wants to chase her down. I am hoping as time goes by he will accept Gloria just as he does the birds.

Insect life is now starting to increase with the growth of the grass and flowers ~ although I have yet to photograph a wasp ~ they are so fast and elusive that by the time I raise my camera and adjust the focus they have already gone.

I am now addicted to shooting in RAW the detail and quality of the images are much improved. As they take up much more room on my memory card I have ordered a larger one ~ which will be my main card. My current one will then be used as a back up in case I fill the other one up when I’m out and about. It’s not an issue normally as I transfer the images at the end of each day to my computer and then clear the card, but I can see it being a problem if I’m away and can’t transfer and clear the card.

The 32GB card is the one I currently own and will become my backup once my 128GB card arrives..

These are just some random images I shot whilst walking around my garden..

My eyesight is pretty poor and so many of the teeny tiny insects and spiders are invisible to me. The beauty of owning a Macro lens means that I can scout for them using my lens as a magnifying glass.

Another purchase I have made and am awaiting delivery is a book to help me understand how to use my Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 ~ all I do with it at the moment is crop my images and auto adjust them. It will be great to work through the book and learn how to fully utilise the software to make the most of the images I take.


Hopefully these purchases will arrive soon and I can immerse myself in learning editing tricks. As you can see from these screenshots, I click on auto and then on crop and that’s as far as I dare go ~ everything else seems to mess things up because I don’t know how to use the software properly ~ so the “dummies” part of the title of the book is very apt for me!
crop and auto adjust


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  1. Stacy Hart
    Stacy Hart

    Amazing, loved the blog and the photos, there’s one that looks like some wood with two eyes and a tear coming out the side , lookin foward to reading & seeing more, good luck with the book 😉 x

    20th June 2018

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