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Birds, Dogs, Squirrels

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Slowly but surely our garden is being transformed.

The meadow area is growing ~ I’m not sure if the flowers will come up as we were late sowing the seeds. Already we are seeing a increase in our insect population, bees are buzzy humming around and butterflies are starting to show themselves.

We are planning to replace our warped rotting decking with new, get the greenhouse finally glazed and build up two raised veg plots. The Bee hotels and Squirrel Nesting box are ordered and the birds are flocking in their masses to our feeding station. I also have the promise of our water feature finally being set up when the decking comes up and the power can be routed to it.

We have the new patio furniture which came from our old holiday home which looks great too, along with four plastic reclining chairs which are extremely comfy and are now positioned for optimum bird watching and sun soaking in the none meadow part of the garden.

Not the prettiest of sun reliners but oh so very comfy

Here are some of our recent winged visitors..

Today I received a message from the seller of the Bee Hotels to inform me that they are not happy with the recent batch and have returned them but will send me my order on 30th June when they get the replacement batch, they look like this..
IMG_E9490Our resident squirrel, who has a half coconut fixed to the quiet part of the gardens fence, looks to be pregnant and so I have ordered her a nesting box which should be with me in the next few days ~ which I hope she will like and decide to make her home.  It doubles as feeder and nesting box..
IMG_E9491I have found the perfect location to the side of the shed, which is a triangle of dead space all fenced off and surrounded by bushes and trees which is near to her coconut away from the dogs and other predators.

I love squirrels and am overjoyed to have a regular visitor who comes every morning and evening without fail. We have named her Gloria and are hopeful that she will continue to visit and fingers crossed make our nesting box her home.

This is our Gloria..

The dogs are learning to share the garden with the birds and Gloria, if I sit out with them then Loki will hop onto my knee and Taylor usually decides to lie at my feet. They don’t bother with the birds even when they fly down and walk on the path. Sometimes they decide to sort out the pigeons and chase them off ~ which is no bad thing as then the smaller birds feel braver and will all come down to feed during the pigeon free interval.

When it is Glorias feeding times during the mornings and evenings I tend to close off the gate to the grassed areas, keeping the dogs to the patio and decked areas so that our wee squirrel can feed without being pestered by barking dogs. Once she has had her fill I then let the dogs back onto the grass. Where I plan to locate the nesting box will be out of the dogs sight and so give her privacy from them and their curiosity.

Loki loves to dig and roll in the grass, no idea why ~ he just does. Taylor on the other hand likes to find a sunny spot and chill, he’s not much into activity.

It seems not only butterflies are drawn to our Buddleia Tree (I have yet to capture a butterfly with my camera this year) but also snails ~ I know gardeners don’t like snails but I have a soft spot for them and have decided to let them be. Along with the snails I thought I’d share a few random garden photos with you along with a helicopter which decided to circle the house and some clouds.

So that’s it really, the latest in project garden and my interest in the birds and Gloria. Talking of squirrels ~ I’ll leave you with this..



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