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Blowing Bubbles

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Yesterday was both cold and warm ~ warm when the sun came out and the wind was still, cold when the wind blew and sun hid behind the clouds BUT it was dry! I wanted to play with my camera deciding to dig out and use my everyday lens as opposed to macro.

Thing is ~ I’m alone, at home and with only the garden to play in. So I had a head scratch and utilised my old noggin to try and come up with something new to create.

Remembering that I had purchased some bubbles to mess about with for Keishas birthday ~ and NO, you are NEVER too old to have bubble fun ~ I located said bubbles from their hiding place in the cupboard.

Gleefully I tried and failed to open them so chuntering to myself about ridiculous lids and seals I decided to use the least sharp knife we own. I have a terrible habit of slicing and dicing my digits, hence using bluntest knife in the block. With great dexterity and skill the seal was removed and I trundled our into the garden, camera around my neck.

Question; do you know how hard it is to blow bubbles yourself and then try to quickly raise your camera to catch them?

Answer; exceedingly tricksey ~ especially when the wind blows at the most inopportune moments!

I did manage to capture a few on my own before hearing second born offspring return home from a weekend away. Obviously I quickly collared her and persuaded her to blow bubbles for me, which she very obligingly did.

So, for you today I will share my bubble shenanigans, the fails and the successes. I am so pleased I did get out and had a play because today we have just a giant puddle with the rain teeming down making the garden a boggy soggy squidgy mess.

I hope to gather all my offspring at some point in the future to get a bubble tsunami to photograph over the grass. Although I also fancy taking some to the beach next time I get down to one and try blowing them over the waves and sand to see how they look, but that is for some time in the future.

So without further ado I give to you my fails and successes with bubbles…





  1. Brilliant!! Love the bubble pictures. I recently found a pot of bubbles and instantly took them out so I could play with the cat as I thought she’d appreciate chasing them. She wasn’t too impressed but I had a great time 😉

    2nd May 2018
    • I don’t think we can ever become too old for these simple pleasures ~ I’m itching to try them in a different and prettier setting ~ so watch this space xx

      2nd May 2018

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