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Sofa, Slanket, Hairy Trio~ Loki with cone “shawl mode”, ipad, glasses

Today I find myself reclined on the sofa, cosy under a slanket with the added warmth of the Hairy Trio who are snuggled up close. Loki, due to chewing his paws and making them sore, is wearing the cone of shame. Initially worn in flower mode he has now decided that he prefers the look of cone flipped back, shawl style ~ fortunately even worn this way he can’t reach his paws. Thankfully he also quite enjoys his cone, he looks smugly at the other two dogs as if to say “I’m considerably more special than you!” Being a a soft cone I am also not suffering from bruises the rigid one causes as he head butts my shins & the floor is stone free as the soft one doesn’t work as a shovel like the rigid one either. I don’t know exactly why he periodically chews at his paws until they are sore but he does. We know he is an allergy dog so it could be any number of triggers but having the cone on allows his paws to heal and breaks the cycle of chewing.

Sofa, Slanket, Hairy Trio~ Loki with cone “shawl mode”, ipad, glasses

Sitting here as I am, I’m contemplating the changes I have implemented recently and trying to decipher what is going on with my body, what’s working and what isn’t. Following a vegan diet has definitely reduced my diverticular pain which is great but having a bowel condition which causes episodes of diarrhoea or constipation, never “normal” stools have left me with haemorrhoids. One, who I call Bernard, was born during my teens when I ate ex-lax chocolate encased in a normal chocolate wrapper (April fool prank) ~ a couple of days on the loo as a result caused the creation of Bernard. However, now with diverticulitis I have gone from having a solo artist to a band with Bernard and the Bernardettes!

Too much information?

Possibly ~ but why is it considered taboo to discuss issues relating to all things bottoms and bowels? For those of you who know me well you will be aware of my fascination with the anatomy and workings of the gut and bowels, a topic I bring up on the odd occasion. In a different version of my life I am sure I am a stoma nurse, something I wish I had pursued during my nursing years. However, my experience with all things bowel related remains as my time working as a nurse and previous to that caring for my Nanna who had “Rudolph” the colostomy. I digress however, so just to share with you I am, as I type, lying to one side to avoid pressure on my poor swollen piles. Taking 2-3 sachets of laxido a day doesn’t prevent these occasional flare ups, it seems despite my best efforts that they intermittently like to remind me of their presence. Stricter than normal personal hygiene is being followed, bathing the area with warm water after every movement and utilising Germaloids suppositories and ointment to soothe as much as possible, plus swallowing down anti~inflammatory medication. I hope that they ease in a couple of days, they usually do because I don’t want them surgically removed as I have heard that it is exceptionally painful and I really don’t fancy going through that because when it comes to it I am a big baby and will avoid any hospitalisation or procedure at any cost.

To top the indignity of sporting a baboons ass right now, my ME is flaring horribly and has been for the past few weeks. Somehow the vegan diet whilst helping with the diverticulitis is causing a negative effect on my ME, with teeth clenching pain, , dire brain fog and overwhelming exhaustion. I’m not sure whether this is just a spike in symptoms during a dietary transitional phase or if I need to examine my diet and life style further to understand what the triggers are. I have to confess to having flopped a couple of times and had a tube of smarties and some Kentucky chicken ~ don’t judge me for it ~ I’m only human and subject to occasional hiccups along the way.

The smoothies though ~ they are definitely here to stay. The NutriBullet blends them so they are uber smooth and delicious, also low energy for me to make and eat/digest. With the fruit one in the morning and green one for lunch I pretty much always hit my 5 a day target plus some, but for my evening meal do I continue on the vegan diet or not? For now I will but if in several weeks time I am still in ME crash mode then I think I will have to reconsider my options.

Changing the topic altogether and moving randomly onto ageing, it came to mind as I gingerly lie on this sofa ~ it isn’t something I fear at all, in fact I embrace it, thankful for simply just being here. I desperately search for grey hairs but instead only find a few sparse white ones I don’t know why folk try to hide them ~ they are a great sign of maturity which I love and am envious of those who have more than me. Also, year on year I collect a new stronger prescription of glasses (always purple frames) which I inevitably lose around the house but without which I can’t see to read my phone, labels, instructions or subtitles on TV. Now though, according to my family, I am losing my hearing too. They say I use my outside voice inside, talking too loudly to them along with having the volume on the radio/TV up higher than usual. Personally I haven’t been aware of this myself and feel these observations currently don’t warrant a hearing test but perhaps something I should try to be more aware of and continue to observe!


Looking out the window I wave a sad goodbye to the longer warmer days whilst looking forward to wearing my poncho’s and winter shawls again with boots and chunky jumpers. I love the forgiving nature of winter clothing as even though I’m “raw til 4” no weight seems to be dropping off me ~ so I greet Autumn in a comely frame with plenty of natures fat as insulation!

Now is the time and the need for a Nanna nap, so bid you a fond farewell till we catch up next time.



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