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Bright side

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Today is Bank Holiday Monday and in true British style it’s raining, the heating is broken and I’m a wee bit chilly.


Am I wallowing in a grump for the downturn in the weather, NO ~ am I heck as like! It takes more than rain to dampen my spirits!  I am wearing a soft comfy gigantic woolly hoody to keep warm (scarf and slanket also available for snuggling into later whilst watching a film), big soft zebra patterned fleecy pj bottoms, ski socks and long t-shirt too (I didn’t say it was attractive!).  My husband has returned from his wanderings after being away with friends watching drag racing and having a few drinks and an overnight stay in his van ~ rather him than me.  Meantime, I had a lovely evening with my girls watching chick flicks and cuddling the Hairy Trio.  I have been up and at ’em this morning to face the supermarket and picked up some bargains in the wine aisle PLUS there is treacle tart left over in the fridge and some home made doorsteps of shortbread from my baking attempts two days ago.
Here is a little something to share with you that doesn’t fail to raise a laugh with us (ENORMOUS Monty Python, particularly Life of Brian fans) …

I shall leave you with a photo of my delicious (yep, I know, too modest me) treacle tart and let you drool 🙂  I am having it (just because I know you are all wondering and on tenterhooks waiting for my response) with “Ambrosia Dream – tastes like custard, pours like cream” ~ also doesn’t taste half bad either.

A little bit of what you fancy does you good, what’s your Bank Holiday treat going to be?
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