Ants, Butterflies, Bees ~ Oh My!

The garden has very little life in it right now with the exception of the Buddleia which is starting to bloom quite nicely and attracting more critters for me to observe and capture. I love the Buddleia and it's small purple flowers, I sit on the wall beside it and watch the various insect species … Continue reading Ants, Butterflies, Bees ~ Oh My!

Jaded, Weary, Knackered, Whacked & Bushed

NOTE: Please forgive any typo's or incorrect spellings, poor English and sentence construction. My excuse? Cognitive dysfunction. Today sees me jaded, weary, knackered, whacked, bushed ~ *insert your favourite word for being tired and fatigued here* "Pacing", that ol' gem ~ so much easier to say than to put into practice and I put my … Continue reading Jaded, Weary, Knackered, Whacked & Bushed

To Flash Or Not To Flash ~ That Is The Question

As you may have gathered from previous posts, I'm enormously fond of macro photography ~ although yet to master it. I have a ring flash which I have never used until yesterday. I spent my time walking around our now almost arid garden landscape to search for critters to experiment on. I tried the blue … Continue reading To Flash Or Not To Flash ~ That Is The Question

In Among The Buttercups

Our garden loves buttercups, they are all over ~ along with the white clover. Bugs and Bees seem to love them, which is awesome, I like nothing more than watching them flit about the lawn. I decided to just lie on the grass with my camers ~ macro lenss and 20mm extension tube and just … Continue reading In Among The Buttercups

The Quinquagenarian

What's a Quinquagenarian? (kwing-kwuh-juh-nair-ee-uh‚ÄČn, kwin-) Word to describe someone who is 50 years of age. The old man has reached a milestone today ~ he is celebrating being 50 years young ~ to mark this occasion we spent a weekend away, travelling long and hard, to Nottingham from Derby ~ to be honest, who wants … Continue reading The Quinquagenarian