Like Magic!

Photography is quite simply the best hobby as far as I am concerned. Especially at times when I struggle to quiet my mind, when thoughts are circling round creating a whirlpool. At these times I grasp fragments of a thought before it's gone again, pulled into the force of the swirling pool. For me, picking … Continue reading Like Magic!

31 Days ~ Photo Challenge

I love finding challenges to do but usually find myself taking longer than the time limit given, so to take the pressure off I collected these images over a few weeks and decided to collate them in the one blog and not the one a day over 31 days as intended by the challenge creator. … Continue reading 31 Days ~ Photo Challenge

Macro ~ my new “thing”

I love macro, not two ways about it ~ whether taking pictures of bugs, flowers or random objects. I find looking at things close up interesting, sometimes trying to get an angle so that it leaves the viewer wondering what they are looking at exactly. I am still very much a novice with my new … Continue reading Macro ~ my new “thing”

Deranged Early Morning Photography Exploration!

This morning bleary eyed I stumbled down the stairs after the dogs, it was my turn to let them outside and feed them their breakfast. It took a little while for me to even notice the snow, I had already opened the patio door and filled the dogs bowls up with their food before I … Continue reading Deranged Early Morning Photography Exploration!