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Chop it off!

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Okay, I KNOW I said on my “to do list” that I was going to grow my hair and keep growing it, well, I’ve changed my mind. In all fairness, I sort of have accomplished it ~ I did grow my hair to the longest it’s been for about 8 years, so that’s definitely a win.

Yesterday, chatting to The Dave, Tara and Tasha I decided I have had enough of hair and because I don’t feel well enough to manage going to the hairdressers, have elected 2nd born to cut it for me (she is game by the way). Tasha is a dab hand with the scissors and although she has no training whatsoever in the cutting of locks she has often trimmed my hair and cut her sisters and their friends hair too. She’s pretty good!

However, I want to cut off the first chunk myself, to have the satisfaction of slicing through the hair shafts and watching it drop before passing them over to Tasha to continue. At this present moment I have no idea how short it will be but that’s part of the fun. Also, going to slap on a bright purple hair dye afterwards too.

Poor Tasha is battling a chest infection, asthma, viral throat infection and ME ~ so most likely will be doing it this afternoon. She is much better than she was on Monday, thanks to the steroids and antibiotics and swears she is well enough to do it and wants something to distract her from her boredom and her sick bed.

Will post before and after pic’s later – eek! #excited



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