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Coastal Retreat

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I have just spent my first week of this year at our coastal retreat. We have a lovely static caravan at Primrose Valley in Filey. It is a beautiful, well maintained park with the bonus of having it’s own beach access via a scenic pathway with trees and stream to the left and walled side to the right. Along the way are benches to afford those who are physically challenged to have much needed rests.

We love this site, I have to admit to giving the “entertainment” a miss and avoid the evening nights of bingo ~ instead we tend to chill out on our decking and watch the world go by.

Most of the week was enjoyed from indoors, watching the rain beat down and the puddles becoming rivers. However, Dave managed to get the dogs out everyday bar one and Loki, our Jack Russell Pug cross, found that muddy puddles were fantastic fun to paddle in. This meant that every walk ended with the dogs and their harnesses being washed in the shower whilst we became damper and muddier in the process.

I took my macro lens for a few trips out and have fallen even more in love with it. I have also found that I love photographing plants, weeds, flowers etc close up.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them. Obviously as a rank amateur I am not brilliant and many are of dubious focus, but for me I really enjoy looking at those images most of all. I suppose photography being classed as a art form also means that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we all will see each image differently.

I am hoping to be back here on many more occasions throughout the year and hope to be able to visit areas outside of the park if we are lucky enough to get dog sitters in place before we leave.


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