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Come Away With Me…

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Come away with me, lets go away together on a virtual tour of Bath, Stonehenge, Salisbury and Longleat.

I have to apologise for the vast number of photos included in this blog, I seem to be incapable of culling them ~ it’s a weakness of mine. With this in mind you may need to fill a thermos with the beverage of your choice and fill your pockets with snacks to nibble on throughout your journey.

Last week my husband took me for a few days away.

Away from the humdrum.

Away from being a parent.

Away from being a dog mum.

Away from my usual four walls.

Away on a new adventure, to visit new sights and places I have always wanted to visit and now ~ now I was going!

We left on a Monday ~ our destination Bath.

Bath is beautiful, the traffic not so much. We arrived in Bath and our sat nav told us that we were at our destination (the Holiday Inn Express). We could see it from the road but the side road to access the car park was closed due to road works. How were we to get to it? Our sat nav is as old as the hills and had sent us on a very scenic route to Bath, which I’m not complaining about as I got to see our countries lush green countryside.

However, the poor thing was confused and kept telling us to turn round and go down the closed off road. Dave, being much better than me when it comes to directions and mental maps, decided to try the next available side road to see if they linked up. The first road we came upon was a no entry, the second though we could go down. We drove along and then turned towards the direction of the hotel and lo and behold we could nip through the cones marked “access only” into the hotel car park!

The disabled parking bays were smack bang in front of the lobby doors. Dave being a gentleman carried the bags whilst I clumsily made my way along with my crutches. Our hotel room was 113 ~ and just at the top of the stairs (and lift) so very little walking needed. Top tip ~ although I assume almost everyone probably knew this before me, any credit or loyalty card will keep the electricity on in hotel bedrooms when you go out and want to leave your devices or batteries charging.

I love Holiday Inns, you always know exactly what you are getting with them and we enjoyed a room with a huge comfy king size bed, a sofa, a desk and large TV. The en~suite was lovely  but to Dave’s dismay no bath, instead a lovely large shower. Our view from the window was a graveyard, which we loved!

Our first night we just went to a local pub and had food, a beer for Dave and milk stout for me and then returned to the hotel for a early night.

So, Tuesday arrived and we decided to spend the day exploring Bath, taking in the Roman Baths, and two bus top tours, one of the city and one of the outside circumference of Bath.

The Roman Baths were awesome, Dave ~ being my stellar carer, kept a wary eye on my movements as I bumbled about on my smart crutches whilst swinging my camera round my neck. I kept forgetting that when I lifted my right arm up to take a photo my crutch raised with it and so Dave kept blocking potential hits on unsuspecting tourists. He also kept hold of my phone because I kept putting it down and forgetting to pick it up.

We took our time and really made the most of our visit, sitting on benches just people watching and taking in our surroundings.

After the Roman Baths we were almost on top of the hop on hop off open bus tour and so bought our tickets and saw Bath from the top of the bus with free earplugs which we plugged into the console for guided tour of the city. It was fabulous, the weather was wonderful and we were wearing our coats around our waists as it was so warm. After the inner city tour we took a break for a quick refreshment then hopped on to the second bus tour.

Once we had finished all the tours and Dave had successfully prevented any crutch injuries on unsuspecting tourists and residents of Bath, we stopped for a bite to eat before going back to the hotel via a trip around the graveyard.

The graveyard was beautiful, the gatehouse had lights on and so I assume the keeper of the yard lived there. We were there just as it was getting dark which was the perfect time to walk amongst the gravestones and read the stories of those who had passed. Some were tragic and others uplifting. Dave desperately wanted to get into one of the mausoleums but it was triple bolted and padlocked.