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Crazy Purple Mama ~ V ~ The Tooth

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I have a tooth, situated in the bottom left hand side of my jaw, second to the back, and he’s a bugger!

4ttrekqvfaipqIt all started out as a slight pain on biting down after forgetting to wear my sleep guard one night, I have TMJ and clench my jaw so the guard holds my jaw in the correct position and also prevents me from cracking my teeth. All I can say is that bugger me, I wish I had remembered to wear it!

I woke up in the morning with bloomin’ awful toothache, a really weird sensation, it throbbed as if it had it’s own heartbeat and touching it with my tongue hurt like hell.

So, emergency dental trip arranged, the tooth was excavated,  a crack found, checked for infection, none found and so filled. Crack looking repaired and supported.

v3bqxhuzpx2hiThe pain continued..

Another trip to the dentist, where the tooth was x~rayed, all looked okay but just to be sure it was once again drilled, checked and refilled after being “cleaned” internally to ensure no bugs lurking. The crack seemed to be protected and sorted, so fingers crossed.

atos4gnc6l2qeSadly, still too much pain!

Back again at the dentist, this time for root canal in a bid to save the tooth and remove the pain. I had a nerve block but still need additional numbing throughout the procedure, seems to be a “thing” that extra anaesthetic is required with Hypermobility Syndrome and EDS, so I’m told. An x~ray was taken, all looked to be great, so off I went.

evcdlcccaeieuHome again, but STILL the pain persisted, another x~ray was taken, which seemed normal and infection free. BUT, taking into consideration my immune system is a bit wonky due to the JHS/EDS & ME, it was thought it better to be safe than sorry ~ so just incase some infection was present but invisible thus far some antibiotics were prescribed. Two tablets, four times a day for a week along with anti~inflammatory medication and painkillers.

ajyznyy3cm8dwAfter the antibiotics the tooth seemed to settle down somewhat, giving me the false sense of security that all was going to be well. Appointments were made for a gold crown to be sized and fitted after a few more weeks.

Buggeritt! Fookin’ tooth decides to ramp up the pain after a slight lull to “impossible to use that side of my mouth” kinda pain.

12b9d4drbnvmlcThat’s absolutely it! I rang the dentist and asked if there was any further treatment left to try in order to save the tooth because if not I want the damn gremlin out of my mouth!

There is nothing else to be done, my goddamn tooth is just being a total fucker and refusing to respond to any kind of treatment whatsoever, so it MUST GO!

I had the choice, emergency removal with another dentist OR wait a week and have my own dentist, who is amazing and totally unlucky to have such a damn awkward patient as myself!

I chose to wait, my CBD oil arrived today and so armed with that, ibuprofen, amitriptyline and codeine I shall power through on soft diet and armed with the support of my dear friend Jack Daniels get through until Friday 3rd February at 11~45 am when this utter bastard of a tooth will be extracted from my being and given to my daughter who loves dead things, stuffed things and skulls as a trophy!1kkzqqoszfr8kAll I can say is I’ll be so happy to say goodbye to this critter but am terrified about having it removed while under local. My last tooth extraction was when I was 18 years old and my wisdom teeth were impacted. I was blissfully unaware under general anaesthetic for those removals. I know by next Friday I’ll be a wibbly wobbly quivering wreck trying to avoid the situation and hiding in a corner’ I know I will be dragging my feet as I walk towards the dental chair and possibly, just for safe measure, need strapping down to prevent last minute panic bolting, for the procedure. My dentist is aware of my need for extra numbing and possible top ups, but nevertheless, I am scared!

I have also decided, if the area where the tooth once stood  calms down and causes no further bother that I’ll opt not to have a false one put in ~ because knowing me I would react or become infected or some other horror story, creating a whole new drama. So I suppose I’ll have to wait and see, all this because I forgot to wear my mouth guard for just one night!


See you on the other side!



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