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The past is behind me, now I need to decide whether to turn left, right or go straight ahead!

At some point in life I believe everyone reaches a crossroads, the direction they choose to take then determines what path their life takes.

It could be due to any matter of circumstance. To close a painful chapter, to expand professionally, to reflect on past choices just to name a few.

For myself personally I have to decide on what to do about past events and how they have insidiously impacted on my life. Incidents which had until recently lain dormant, buried within the vault of my memory, have resurfaced. I now know in hindsight that these issues were not okay, that something should have been done about it and support was not forthcoming at the time for me to do that.  Relationships with specific people need contemplation and their value to me considered.

I accept that people come and go, friendships and family relationships wax and wane. It is recognising which of these are toxic and which are healthy. To work on redefining boundaries which I am comfortable with in order to move onwards with the rest of my life. To make what life I have remaining one I consider to be healthy relationship wise and to offer my family the best of myself for our future together.

It is never too late to change the direction of our lives, to work towards a more positive future.

So here I stand, scratching my head whilst standing in the middle of the junction that is the crossroads I find myself in. The direction I have taken thus far is closed to me, it is the past. I have three possible directions I can take ~ I cannot share with you the options lying open before me because they are painfully private and I am protecting them fiercely until I know what I need and want to do. Perhaps a day will arrive at a point in the yet unseen future where I will feel ready to share. Until then I have some serious thinking and considering to work on.

Crossroads Dilemma

Standing in the middle of a crossroads,
I wonder which direction I should take.
None of the paths will be easy I know,
No matter which decision I make.

My life is holds many possibilities,
A hope for better things to come.
What happened in the past should be history,
But it’s legacy is still living on.

I want to move forward with a positive mind
To do this I need to put my ghosts to bed.
But the road forward and how I choose to do that,
Is the dilemma whirring through my head.

I must not allow myself to falter,
Habits of the past I must shed.
I will not allow myself to be a victim,
But be strong and steadfast instead.

In order to be the best me possible,
I must be true to what I aim to be,
Not allow negative words or actions of others
To affect my decision is the key.

To remove from my life toxic relationships,
My past with them history, their bindings I shake free,
I will become whole again, take the route necessary,
To find a way forward with love and compassion for me.

I know my husband and daughters are always by my side,
With their support and love my future cannot be bleak.
With them alongside me, I know my future will hold
A move forward towards the peace I seek.

I send support over the magic of the internet to those of you also contemplating which direction to take with your life. To have the strength to follow your convictions, to know which path to take and the strength to pursue it.


I wish for better days ahead, one where there will be peace within my soul. To provide and share laughter and joy with those I love and give them the love and support they draw from me, which in turn gives me the warmth and love from them.



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