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DECHOX Challenge

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Today marks the beginning of a very long month a whole 31 days without any of the brown stuff!
Like a fool I have decided to take part in the first ever DECHOX challenge! That’s right, you read it correctly DECHOX, as in NO chocolate or chocolate products throughout the entire month of March!!

The DECHOX Challenge is the brain child of The British Heart Foundation and I am wanting to do this in order to give something back after the incredible care Dave had after his 3 cardiac events (which you can read about here) from the Derby Royal Hospital Cardiac Team ~ who are just simply amazing and have done and still do provide great ongoing support, which I wrote about here.

However, I am being a little bit cheeky by splitting the fundraising challenge proceeds between two charities as there is another worthy cause very dear to my heart and that’s Invest in ME Research which is our hope for finding treatments for my two youngest daughters who have already had their lives limited by this illness for far too long. You can read their ME journey here, and how they feel about living with such an awful illness in their own words here.

The rules regarding chocolate are very clear and stated via the BHF website as: ~

“Any sort of cocoa is a no-no, which means chocolate sweets, treats, biscuits, ice cream, cake – and even the chocolate sprinkles on your cappuccino – are off limits during March.”

Those of you who know me will realise what a gargantuan challenge this will be for me as I am such a devout chocoholic. However, looking on the bright side I will then be kind to myself and allow myself to gorge fully on chocolate for Easter, which conveniently falls at the beginning of April this year. So that is the carrot I shall be dangling at the end of my stick throughout this challenge in order to keep me on the straight and narrow!

If you wish to support me you can either donate via text or online ~ the information with the text code and number is given below if you prefer to do it that way or you can click on either of the links, also provided below to be taken directly to your chosen Justgiving page…

Donations towards British Heart Foundation can be given here;

Donations towards Invest in ME Research can be given here;

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