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Deranged Early Morning Photography Exploration!

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This morning bleary eyed I stumbled down the stairs after the dogs, it was my turn to let them outside and feed them their breakfast. It took a little while for me to even notice the snow, I had already opened the patio door and filled the dogs bowls up with their food before I noticed it.

Peering out through the kitchen window I could see the fine snow coming down and observed that the garden was covered with a thin coating already. Now I don’t really do mornings, it takes vast quantities of coffee to chase the sleep from my eyes. However, this morning I felt the urge to grab my camera and take a few snaps before this magical scene disappeared and melted away.

Shoving my bare feet in boots I ventured forth in my pyjamas into the snowy garden ~ oblivious to the dampness permeating my clothing and hair I snapped away as if possessed ~ not taking any notice of camera settings or framing I just felt the urgent desire to record that this dusting of snow had in fact occurred and wasn’t a dream.

Finally, damp and cold I came back inside to the comforting embrace of a warm house and a mug of the liquid nectar that is coffee. My hair was soaked and my pyjamas damp, so I popped on the fire to warm my poor chilled hands and enjoyed the warmth of the coffee as it slipped down my throat and into my belly.

Finally, fingers dexterous enough to slip the memory card out of my camera and into my computer tower I downloaded the images.

I have been pleasantly surprised that not all of my images were write offs, in fact I quite like one or two. Considering I was half asleep and randomly switched between Manual, AV, and Macro settings I have mange to capture the odd decent image.

So, without further ado, I share with you the images taken whilst half asleep and stumbling around the garden in pyjamas and boots like a lunatic!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I bizarrely enjoyed taking them ~ I also have to say that it was a brilliant way to blow away the cobwebs.

Hopefully, health allowing I will be able to return to my photography lessons and share with you my next step towards understanding and learning how to use my camera to its full potential.

Until then I wish you all a fabulous weekend whatever you are up to.


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