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Today my back under the patches is driving me berserk ~ it seems that whatever is going on under them is having a party causing me constant itching. In a bid to distract myself from the itch I can’t reach to scratch I took my camera out and changed the lens to my macro one.

Now, macro photography is bloomin’ difficult and I am really struggling to get good clear images and the focus on the entire subject. I have to do everything manually as the auto~focus just goes doolally whenever I try to use it.

I wondered around my garden, hiding from the sun, seeking out the shade, to avoid getting hot and sweaty as this could cause the patches to fall off.

Anyway ~ I digress, I have discovered today many many webs which are seemingly empty ~ their maker gone. OR SO I THOUGHT, as I pointed my camera at the webs to try and capture the rainbow light on the threads I noticed teeny weeny spiders in them. Lots of webs with lots of tiny little spiders, just a little bigger than a pin head and only visible through my camera. Without my camera they just looked like a speck of dirt in the web ~ also though, it could be that I wasn’t wearing my glasses and potentially people with normal vision may have spotted it.

So I tried to capture them on camera ~ not too successfully as only a few of the photographs have come out okay ~ not brilliant but okay.

I have decided that I will follow them and see how they mature ~ one way to try and overcome my arachnophobia. I now can look at images of them now since taking their photos, before that I couldn’t bear to look ~ so its kinda working. Although I confess I have a long way to go before I can hold one.

I also took some time out by the compost bins and found a few ants and flies just chilling. Oh and a few of the weeds that grow in abundance, flowers not so much but weeds love it here.

Once I had finished taking photos I came inside to try and rub my back against a cushion to ease the itching. My second daughter then arrived home from Birmingham and kindly slapped my back for me for ages ~ it was H~E~A~V~E~N! Seriously, slapping something that itches really helps and so I have now a brief respite from the infernal itching.

Tomorrow night Dave can remove the patches and then I hope the itching will be relieved somewhat. Who knows what the doctor will say on Tuesday when he looks to review my allergies ~ I am assuming there are some because of the itching, although it is difficult to work out which patches the itching is coming from.

So ~ before I leave you ~ don’t forget my top tip ~ if you itch then give it a good slapping!

‘Til next time..


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