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Do you ever get that feeling?

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Do you ever get that feeling of having butterflies along with a sense of anticipation? The kind before you take a test, exam or have a meeting to discuss matters of huge importance to you ~ I have that today and I have no idea why.
There are many changes I wish to make in my life, some are major which will affect the entire family, some tiny which are just for my own benefit ~ time will tell if these are going to be achievable but I have hopes that they are and can be brought into place over the next year or so.
My first small step towards implementing these changes is to start walking the dogs again on a daily basis ~ I miss my long rambling dog walks. The girls tend to sleep heaviest early morning which would make it the perfect time for me to take the dogs out ~ but first I need to fully master the walking of three young pups on the one lead. To that end I been searching through numerous review sites going through various dog harnesses as I want ones which are light weight and breathable so the pups don’t get too hot and preferably help to stop excessive pulling on the lead. Eventually one name kept coming up with great reviews and thankfully they aren’t too expensive either, so I just purchased ready to trial three Sporn Non pull padded mesh dog harnesses. They should be here in time to take with me to our holiday home in Filey where I shall practice walking them all together with The Dave being close at hand should I need some help. I have a great long soft lead with added triple extension to allow me to walk the three dogs from it, so all being well by the end of the next fortnight I should be confident enough to start venturing out alone ~ just need to be sure I have mastered the technique of poop picking with the one hand whilst dog juggling (and controlling) with the other.
Another challenge I am going to be tackling is whittling down all our hoarded tat that is cluttering up our house, loft and sheds ~ this means on our return from holiday organising ourselves to go to car boot after car boot to offload it onto other people who are intent on collecting more tat into their homes instead of mine. I will systematically go through the sheds, loft and then room by room until all the excess tat has been removed ~ what doesn’t sell at the boot sales will be sent to charity shops, recycling or the skip ~ depending on what it is.
There are many more changes I wish to make but for now they are under wraps and will shared with you in due course as I am superstitious so don’t wish to tempt fate.
For today though I am trying to figure out why I feel this sense of anticipation ~ perhaps something wonderful is just around the corner waiting for me ~ who knows but here’s hoping.
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