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Editing Software

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I am a very amateur photographer and so not in the league which would allow for buying expensive editing software.  To be honest, even if I did purchase it I would need a whole new training course to learn how to use it.

With editing software in mind I asked the question in my closed photography course group asking what my fellow students used.

Some folks in the group are professional photographers and most use Lightroom. However, there are a few hobbyist photographers in the group who are like me and pretty clueless when it comes to the expensive software. The recommendations came in to trial a number of different options before deciding on one to buy. OR to go for a free option and the two top suggestions were iPiccy and GIMP.

Not being one to do anything by half I decided to go for both!

GIMP has been downloaded and saved onto my computer ~ as has the user manual. It has to be said after having a play around with it, that I will have to shelve using this for editing until I have had time to go through the massive user manual and play around with a photo editing it as I learn each aspect of the software.

IPiccy on the other hand isn’t a downloadable programme but one that you access via your browser. So for this I just saved it on my browser toolbar for fast and easy access when I need it.

So far I have only played around a little with iPiccy ~ and found it extremely user friendly and quite simple to use. It doesn’t have all the various options for editing that GIMP has but for me, with my cognitive issues, iPiccy is perfect.

At some point in the future I will dip in and out of the GIMP user manual and learn how to use its features as and when I can. I think as my photography improves that this will be the better editing tool for me to use because members of my group likened it to the closest free editing software to Lightroom.

As I progress I will share with you my thoughts on the features and uses of both iPiccy and GIMP.

I ventured forth once more the other day visiting my husbands work place to take more photos in manual mode. Being a place full of car spares most of the photos were of bits of metal in various states of repair.

After taking the photos I then used iPiccy to play around with them. Plus I learned how to add a watermark to boot!

Here they are, I hope you like them…


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