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Today when the postman delivered our mail I discovered a brown padded envelope addressed to me.  I wasn’t expecting anything and was confused as to what it could be – had I ordered something and then forgotten about it?

When I opened the envelope what I found inside reduced me to tears, it was absolutely unexpected and emotionally overwhelming…something purchased as a surprise for me from my second born daughter, Tasha, who as you may know from previous blogs, suffers from severe M.E., she tries to remain upbeat and positive despite also suffering with Orthostatic Intolerance, Hypermobility, Asthma, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Non-Coeliac Sensitivity, Chronic Arthralgia & Chronic Gastritis – which I think you will agree is quite enough for anyone, let alone a 15 year old to deal with!

Anyway – what did she send me, I hear you ask? This is what I discovered as I opened the envelope…

First was the note;
 Then the bag, which when opened revealed a pendant necklace, the pendant being a key with the words “bravery” inscribed onto it;
Also, in the bag with the key was a card which read;

I think you can now understand why I became so emotional.  My daughter is suffering badly right now and yet she was thinking about me and how she could show me how much she loved me.

I love all my girls unconditionally, wholeheartedly with every particle of my being. I know they understand that I don’t want or expect them to do anything in return.  All I ask is that they love and respect themselves and don’t feel the need to be anything other than who they are, regardless of peer pressure and the media.

When I opened this thoughtful and unexpected gift it touched me deeply and is the reason why this morning I am feeling exceptionally emotional!

I have had a good old fashioned sob, it has to be said that I am a very expressive person, I cry when I am happy and I cry when I am sad – but you can never fail to know how I am feeling, that’s for sure.

All I know is that I shall treasure and wear this bravery key with pride, each and every day – then one day, when the time is right, I will pass it on.
Tasha thank you darling


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