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It’s almost the end of another year, to be honest 2015 has been something of a bugger! Each year we sigh and say “next year will be better” but will it? Perhaps it’s far better to approach the birth of the New Year without expectation and just wait for it to unfurl  whatever secrets it may hold.


After years of battles for referrals my  3rd born has been diagnosed with pancreatic insufficiency & prescribed Creon to help her body break down and absorb fat. She has also been found to genetically be predisposed to Coeliac, so under advice we are seeing the dietician in January and myself, 2nd & 3rd born will then follow a strict gluten free diet ~ only time will tell but there is a small chance we may not have ME and are coeliac, although it is also possible to have the two conditions together ~ so will wait and hope.

For our mental health we decided to give the medipen, which is a vape pen using cannabis oil in the cartridges, a try. I can report that we find it helps with anxiety & muscle relaxation, so therefore helps a little with pain ~ obviously being a coffee addict I have my vape cartridge with the cappuccino flavour. The vape is very smooth and not at all harsh on the throat. The cartridges come in a variety of flavours or if you choose you can have the unflavoured option. The vape pens are very sleek and light so fit in my pocket nicely. It threw me a little though at the checkout stage as requires you to pay via bank transfer ~ I can reassure you though that they are great with fast efficient communications & delivery. So now myself & all three girls have one and use it as and when we need to. However, The Dave is not a fan as he tried it a few times and each time it just made him feel nauseous ~ so no good for him sadly.


Finally, it is with a heavy heart we end the year saying a final farewell to a good friend who has a long and rich history of high jinx with The Dave and their close group of friends stemming from school years onwards, a love of music, laughter, cars and rock ‘n’ roll. He leaves behind a wife, family and friends who will miss him dearly. We will remember you with tears and laughter, the hilarity of the days in The Angel, of pogo step ladder shenanigans , pool cue chalk blue noses and cockney knees up. The legendary film “Gunfight at Chapel Farm” and “Sons of the Desert” meetings.  Karll aka Smitt, until it’s time for the reunion we toast your life, friendship and the laughter  you gave us. A life cruelly cut short but one who drew love and friendship from many. Our love and thoughts are with Kelly and your family, may they draw some comfort from the knowledge that you meant so much to so many. Rest in peace my friend.


Gunfight at Chapel Farm Mini Film!

click the link above to view the video


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