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Escape & Take Some Time Out

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Escape ~   One of the definitions of escape is “a form of temporary distraction from reality.”

What do you do to escape briefly from the hum drum of every day life?

If my family can’t see me in my corner in the lounge, where my gadgets and gizmos surround me along with my cushion and slanket, they can pretty much assume I’m either on the loo or in the garden with my camera.

I can sit for hours, waiting, watching and chilling. I can very often forget to take a shot because I’m too engrossed in watching the birds and bees.

My latest images are of subjects found around me at home and in the garden during my recent mini escape. I wondered if you would care to join me?

Let’s go..

I have a purple plant pot which I keep meaning to put to use. It stands below the squirrel feeding station, full of rain water and peanut skins. I discovered life forms in its murky water. With flurries of activity and air bubbles. My husband tells me they are mosquito larvae ~ to me they look like alien critters!

I found a few wasps going too and from their nest between our two sheds, the activity has decreased significantly over the past few days.

We are still seeing a few bees and butterflies around the Buddleia, although there aren’t many buds left waiting to bloom. Most of the flowers are dead and it won’t be long before we cut it back, I enjoy watching them, my spot on the wall means I can sit and just enjoy them buzzing and flying around me.

I found a lone beetle, it had a big adventure travelling around the rim of the mosquito larvae plant pot and over to some leaves.

As always I found flies of various sizes ~ far fewer than a couple of weeks ago. The garden seems to be quieting down in preparation for Winter.

A hover fly narrowly missed being trodden on, thankfully I spotted it in time. As I left the hover fly to his business I turned my head and spotted a tiny moth like critter on the ledge of the conservatory. He stayed reasonably still between episodes of speedy scurrying for me to quickly try to get him into focus and take his photo.

I stopped for a while to throw Loki his ball, it’s a very tatty tennis ball and has lost its bounce but he still loves it. Taylor’s blue ball toy thing remain in its spot on the grass as our portly boy favoured sunbathing instead.

It started to rain and so I took cover inside ~ looking up at my sky light I saw a dragon~fly trying to escape. Dragging a chair to just below the sky light I grabbed my spider catcher and clambered clumsily onto the chair, still to far away I tried to lift myself up onto my tip toes and very nearly took a tumble. So, feet planted on the outside edges of the chair I tried to maintain my balance and raised the spider catcher towards the dragonfly,  guiding him gentle out of the sky light and towards the open patio doors. Of course, having my camera around my neck I took two very quick, not very clear photos. The dragonfly found his way, unharmed, out through the patio doors and freedom..

Once the rain stopped I waited a little while for the sun to start drying things up. Then I ventured out again, finding odds and sods that drew my eye on the patio and some spiders and webs were calling to me too.

I found some flowers and leaves which looked beautiful, rain drops glistening and twinkling in the sun.

I took a slow meander around my garden, a final lap. I found some white flowers hidden inside the Buddleia, the Buddleia itself dropping more, with few pink flowers but many brown dead ones. Many different leaves and berries caught my eye along with a lock on the shed, one I never venture into due to its multiple eight legged occupants.

My husband arrived home from work and I took a couple of cheeky snaps of him as I went back inside. Randomly a skull shot glass of coffee beans caught my attention so I photographed its contents and my fir cones with cinnamon on the side left over from last Christmas.

After a mild chastisement for doing too much I returned to my sofa, cushions and blanket to rest after my escape behind the lens.

I hope you enjoyed our time in the garden, thank you for joining me.


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