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My camera, isn’t she beautiful?

Eeep! This is my first blog documenting my journey with photography ~ welcome.

I have decide to make matters simpler and created a facebook page as a place to add my photos to albums to share with you and interact with anyone who wishes to join me there, so please do come along and play!

I am currently half way through my 4th week of the open university course which finishes with a project for assessment weeks 10 & 11 ~ so not a long course.

I have also signed up for another course, which is perfect for me having myalgic encephalomyelitis,

*Inserts a brief information interlude*

This illness is best described as a complex illness adversely affecting multiple systems including the brain, heart, immune, neuroendocrine and circulatory systems. (for those who are asking what it is)

Little is known about the cause of ME and there are also different opinions on the causes. To sufferers and carers/parents of ME sufferers ~ like myself and my girls ~ these opinions don’t coincide with reality, as many misinformed folks say it is all psychological and the psychiatric lobby have in the past been able to diagnose M.E. sufferers with “somatoform” disorders, such as “Faulty Illness Belief..  Sadly this is a biological illness, and medical practitioners are now slowly realizing this, which can only be treated and cured by science. Statistics say that there are over 250,000 sufferers of M.E. in the UK (at a conservative estimate), with about 25% classified as being severely affected, i.e. bed- or house-bound. Each sufferer is a member of a family society that provides care and support, so for every sufferer there could be 2 or 3 other individuals affected by M.E. Invest in ME are a fabulous charity lobbying for awareness and funds into research studies and themselves are already researching and funding projects using monies raised by sufferers and their supporters.

As a family, 3 of us out of 5 have ME and are severely limited in how we live our lives.

*End of information bulletin*

So you can see why photography for me is not only a hobby but essential to use as an escape, something positive to focus on and why online learning is so perfect. It has no time limit, comes with a closed facebook group with other students to chat to, discuss problems with camera settings with, discussions about photo issues whilst also a place for feedback, constructive criticism and support.The bonus is that it also offers a life time of membership and support, which is hugely attractive to me seeing as online relationships are my main way of socializing these days.

These course mean on weeks when I am too poorly to get out and use my camera I don’t immediately fail or get behind/kicked off the course. So stress is immediately reduced and the pressure taken off me to adhere to strict deadlines.

For me this is to be a pleasurable and rewarding experience one, I am hoping (very much), that over the forthcoming months will see friendships made and a huge improvement in my photography. Which currently is totally amateur in quality, composition and everything else in between ~ as I find my way around the camera and try to work out what I am doing I hope to visually be able to follow my journey via my facebook page and this blog.

So, I hope you will join me and for now I will share with you a few of my photos thus far from week 1 ~ 3….


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