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Gearing Up For A Brew

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I’m going to share a little secret with you. Ever since I was a teenager and sampled my dads home brew I vowed to one day brew my own range of exotic fruity alcoholic beverages and that they would be much better than dads ~ which were exceedingly good by the way.
So, when it came round to my 40th birthday I decided that this was my time to brew but as with many best laid plans this didn’t come about as life events took over at that point which needed all my attention.
So, the home brewing was put on a back burner, with the promise to revisit another day. WELL, the day has arrived ~ the eagle eyed Dave spied on eBay some great fella who was selling off all his home brew paraphernalia. So after some breath holding & furious bidding we managed to win the wine making kit which we collected yesterday…

Look at all this stuff!!!
I have not prepared for this at all and so need to order myself some wine-making equipment steriliser & cleaner solution powder, along with some wine-making kits, just so I can get the hang of using the equipment first before I start to branch out and make my own fruit versions. I also need to read this…
Which my lovely hubby purchased for me to read and arm myself with “how to” knowledge, along with a CD loaded with more information for novice wine-makers, which means I shall be kept busy reading over the next few weeks.
The lovely gent who sold us the equipment used to be a huge home-brewer, making wines, beers, liqueurs etc but sadly has had to give it all up for health reasons. He had a batch of home brew left which he had decided to share between us (as winning bidders) and his family when they visit from abroad in a few weeks time.
So here is our 6 bottles of October 2013 Red which he very kindly gave us ~ but we have not yet been brave enough to crack open and try.

So, hopefully, within the next few weeks I shall have my brewing table full of multi-coloured demijohns, hopefully looking something like this…
… with the hope that the results are delicious and not similar in taste to paint stripper *crosses fingers, eyes, legs, toes, touches wood etc ~ you get my drift!*
 So today my wine-making journey begins ~ wish me luck….
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