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Getting To Know Me

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I’m excited to join in on this “getting to know me” tag feature for bloggers and send a big thank you to the fabulous Derval Mc Cloat for the tag ~ you can read Dervals brilliant blog here.

This is a fabulously fun way to have a sneaky peek and gain some insight into the characters of our fellow bloggers. Now I’ve been tagged I have the delicious opportunity to be involved and share some personal bits and bobs about me with you too. So here we go…

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Who are you named after?

As far as I am aware my first name was decided upon by my dad, mum got to choose my sister and brothers first names. Initially, so I am told, tongue firmly in cheek, that I was to be named Lettuce ~ seriously can you even begin to imagine the playground teasing with this name?

Eventually the name Tanya was  decided upon, for no other reason than dad liked it. Apparently the name Tanya is of Slavic, Hebrew origin. It has various meanings Ancient Greek ~ Establisher, Decider. Latin “tatius” ~ Great, Russian ~ Fiery Queen, Sanskrit ~ Daughter, Persian ~ Unique, Girl.

My middle name, however was given to me as it was my mothers first name ~ Marguerita. I have continued to carry this on and given the name to my middle daughter as her middle name too. It would seem the spelling holds no significance as it’s just a variant spelling of Margarita, which is a Spanish name meaning the flower “Daisy”. However, allegedly, the true origin of this name is Roman. In Latin the word ‘margarita’ meant ‘pearl’. It is also used in Albanian, Greek, Bulgarian and Russian and it is a variant of the Persian name Margaret.

As a child I really disliked my name and wanted to swap my name for my sisters which is Chloe. However as I’ve grew older I warmed to it with each passing year.

Do you like your handwriting?

My writing has always been awful, like a spider had run through ink and danced across the page making random patterns. In my late teens, early twenties I worked for a publishing company and wrote in capitals so that others could decipher it. After leaving that job I turned to nursing and adapted the same technique for my patient paperwork.  Then came children, working for my husband and myself so my writing mostly only needed deciphering by me and it became a weird blend of spider scrawl with intermittent inappropriate littering of capital letters. As time passed it became easier to type and then dictate to Siri, so it is now a rare occasion for me to pen to paper, which is perhaps just as well. I let you judge for yourself…


I have always been envious of both my mum and sisters handwriting, both being teachers they have wonderful calligraphy skills. My dad on the other hand has handwriting more on my level.

What’s your favourite lunch meat?

Something I rarely have as it seems harder to seek out but garlic sausage, topped with sliced pickled onions and salt and vinegar crisps, sandwiched between slices of granary bread lined with mayonnaise and then squashed down before being cut into quarters. NOTE: You are never too old to eat sandwiches cut into quarters in my humble opinion.

Longest relationship?

With my husband, we met when I was 4 and he was 5. We are now 48 and 49 this year, married 24 years in June and so reckon that’s pretty long!

Do you still have your tonsils?

Yes, although my right tonsil freaks folks out as it’s  deformed and has a protrusion like a stretch Armstrong arm that can on occasion come out of hiding (it’s quite shy) and curl round the back of my throat as if it’s waving. It’s also paler in colour to the other one but the docs reckon it’s fine (it’s been this way for as long as I remember) and only to seek help if it turns white.

Would you bungee jump?

Maybe once upon a time but not now because I would be terrified of my bladder freaking out and voiding mid bungee and then for me to end up passing out, soiled and discombobulated ~ which wouldn’t be dignified at all and no doubt caught on camera for my indignity to be shared worldwide by some howling spectator.

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

Laced shoes/trainers I can kick off with some heel pushing without undoing and then put them back on too which is my preferred option but my DM’s boots need partially undoing to kick off and pull on.

Favourite Ice-Cream?

It would be easier to ask which flavours I dislike as it’s impossible to say ~ I love all traditional ice cream flavours with the exception of pistachio and rum and raisin. At a push the answer would be the allsorts ice cream option from my hometown where they make their own ice cream with flavours from sherry trifle to melon as well as the more usual choices. When the flavours are running low they put them in the allsorts container so it’s a random lottery of mixed flavours which is delicious to me as I’m a food mixer and masher

Football or baseball?

Neither, not really a sports lover but do enjoy watching diving and gymnastics.

What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Whether they give eye contact or not and their body language. I’m pretty shy and it’s all about how people present to me that makes me react either positively or warily too them.

What colour pants are you wearing?

Always black, like my soul. I have a drawer full of plain black knickers. Although if you mean “pants” as in trousers then the answer would also happen to be black, like the majority of my wardrobe.

Last thing you ate?

Pickled onion space raiders.

If you were a crayon what colour would you be?

The slightly melted purple crayon, with torn paper and covered in fluff hiding at the bottom of the crayon box.

Favourite smell?

The smell of the seaside, that fresh windy slightly salty with a hint of fish, chips and vinegar mingled with the warm sunny suntan lotion smell.

Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

My husband asking him to pick up some odds & sods from our local shop as he passes it on his way home.

Hair colour?

Born white blonde and becoming darker as the years pass, now a very dark brown with intermittent white rogue hairs.

Eye colour?

Dark mud brown

Favourite food to eat?

Anything home made, I really don’t like instant or pre~packed ready made foods. A good roast dinner or bean chilli, traditional puddings but if forced to decide it would be a home made rustic pie, sweet or savoury, any pastry ~ although steak and kidney cries for a suet pastry, apple in sweet shortcrust and everything else in puff!

Scary movies or happy endings?

Scary every time ~ a good zombie or surreal sci~fi would be great ~ I don’t really do chick flicks with the exception of Truly, Madly, Deeply.


Last movie you watched?

Split ~ didn’t reckon much to the end but enjoyable way to pass the time.


Favourite holiday?

Wondering if you mean memory of or preference?

Memory would be tour through France & Italy to Malta as a child with my family and visiting Eiffel Tower, leaning tower of Pisa, Rome including the Colosseum and the swarm of cats therein and mostly Pompeii which left a huge impression on me and a vivid memory of wandering around and absorbing the history.

Preference now would be the Yorkshire coast at my holiday home 2 minutes from a beautiful quiet sandy beach.

Beer or Wine?

Hands down wine every time, I’m not fussy, red, white or rose but nothing too sweet.

Night Owl or Early Bird?

Neither my body clock is buggered so it flits between the two but to be honest I’m ditzy most of the time anyway, so makes no difference I’m equally incoherent whatever the time of day.

Favourite day of the week?

I don’t have one because I never know what day it is anyway is it’s pretty irrelevant to me.

Three or four favourite bloggers you would like to learn more about?

Who were the last three people to follow your blog?




So that’s it ~ I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and getting to know me a little more.



  1. expatangie

    Brilliant Tanya, really enjoyed reading this

    23rd February 2017
  2. Haha – I just knew you’d live up to your Crazy moniker. That was excellent. I especially like the molten fluff ridden crayon and the fact that your name means ‘Fiery Queen’ – so now you’re Crazy Purple Fiery Queen or Smaug the Lilac for something different!
    Can’t get over your picked onion thing tho’ … eugh!

    23rd February 2017
    • Ooh I love Smaug the Lilac ~ made me snort laughing! The garlic sausage, crisp & pickled onion combo was created when pregnant surprisingly ~ cravings ~ what cravings? xx

      23rd February 2017

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