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I’ve been largely absent from my photography hobby for some months now due to illness. However, I spent a week very recently in Glastonbury which was wonderful.  My photographs aren’t great as it’s difficult juggling crutches and a camera but I hope you enjoy the follow photos…



Plus a few of our personal photos, myself and hubby went up to the Tor for a fundraising walk, which was hard going on crutches ~ by the end my legs had gone! Plus, the reason for our visit was so that Tasha, our middle born, could do a piercing course

So our walk up to the Tor..


Some personal pictures…

Few snaps from my phone…


The whole reason we were in Glastonbury ~ massively proud of our Tasha as she battled through the course with a chest infection and her M.E.


Hopefully I will be able to get outside more as the weather improves and have the opportunity for more photography adventures.


Til next time


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