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Going Sober for October (along with giving up sweets, cake & treats too!)

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Now I know the going sober for October is usually done to raise funds for Macmillan, however, as both myself and The Dave regularly give donations to Macmillan and other cancer charities in memory of both our mothers who died from cancer we decided to alter it a little and raise money for our daughters and other sufferers who have M.E. instead. Our aim is to raise vital funds towards much needed research projects being carried out by Invest in ME Research
This is going to be a tough challenge for me as I have an awful sweet tooth so will have to ensure that the fruit bowl is piled high with a variety of “safe” options for when the sweet cravings hit. Also, although tend to react to alcohol, I have found I have two types of alcohol my body will allow me to enjoy on occasion which are the odd weak vodka with lots of tonic or cheeky glass of red wine. So although I don’t imbibe too often or heavily I am partial to the odd snifter and so will miss it too.  
So, to keep me focused I have placed a countdown chart on my fridge and after each day shall enjoy the satisfaction of making a heavy red cross over each day completed as I go to bed.
I shall be enduring this challenge alone, which means I will be continuing to bake dairy free goodies for my family and then having to distract myself whilst they enjoy them without me. Mind you ~ I shall enjoy having a treat on that first day of November once my challenge is complete and have already planned to bake a chocolate cherry cake to celebrate with!
I have just completed our fundraising page via justgiving and have made it a family page as we won’t be stopping after October. In November Dave will be taking part in his twist of Movember ~ again adapting it to raise funds for ME research, so we will use the same fundraising page. Also next year we do the walk for ME as a family and again will use the same page.
So if you are interested in following the link and either sharing it around or making a donation then please feel free to find it here.
Tonight I shall mostly be eating cake ~ and tomorrow too until midnight!
Wish me luck!
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